Walang Imposible for Cassie and Mina

I, for one, am a self-confessed gym rat. It started when I saw my husband hitting the gym regularly and saw how his body transformed from being fat to defined. I was envious! Even if I am naturally thin, my body wasn’t defined. You’ll see fats in all the wrong places. Because of my husband’s dedication and undeniable results, I was challenged. I now go by the mantra, “What men can do, women can do (better).” Right, ladies? 😉

Gone are the days when men dominated the world. Though I must admit, there are certain areas where men are still more physically capable than us women. But it doesn’t mean in any way that we are less stronger than the opposite sex.

Being strong does not merely imply that one has big muscles, can carry heavier loads than others, or endure longer hours in the gym. Strength can also be seen as determination, discipline and a proper mindset. I make sure to apply these factors in everything I take on.

MySlimotivation - MySlim - Cassie - Mina

Take Cassie and Mina for example. These two attractive ladies can wear makeup and fancy clothing — but also kick ass at the same time! I truly admire these kinds of women.

MySlimotivation - MySlim - Cassie - Mina

Cassie and Mina are both Philippine National Team Rugby Players. Apart from that, Cassie is the 2015 BodyCon Winner. Whenever she’s not working out or playing, Cassie is a TV Travel Host. Mina on the other hand, is a mom and a SPED Teacher, too.

MySlimotivation - MySlim - Cassie - Mina

How can you not love these women who look like dolls yet can be equally fierce when needed. Everything is possible as long as you put your heart into it… Because, walang imposible!

Cheers to women empowerment. Cheers to us, ladies!


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