Be a motivation to others just like Vanessa

Vanessa - MySlim - Motivation
Vanessa used to work in a BPO company toiling the graveyard shift. She also happens to be a party girl who stays up late having fun, drinking and smoking. Until one day, Vanessa realized that she was already abusing her body and decided to change her lifestyle.

Vanessa shares an inspiring story of transformation in this MySlim motivation video

A resolved Vanessa eventually found herself in the gym, working out and determined to transform herself and be in the best shape of her life. She committed herself to a healthier lifestyle by attending fitness groups to motivate her more. Without support, motivation, commitment and discipline, changing the lifestyle that one has grown accustomed to will be difficult. But once you overcome the challenges, you will realize that the hardships are all worth it.

From being a party girl, Vanessa is now a personal trainer. Not only did she motivate herself to be better, but she also inspired others as well. That includes me.

Vanessa - MySlim - Motivation
Vanessa’s video somehow rekindled my desire to hit the gym regularly — and in good time, too, because the mañana habit has started slowly creeping in. Whenever I schedule my gym visits, I always end up postponing or delaying it which I know is a bad thing. Motivational videos like this push me to move, to be motivated and to press on.

And just like Vanessa’s battle cry — “Go Hard or Go Home”, if one wants to succeed, the heart must be in it 100%. Hit the ground running and give it everything you’ve got or don’t bother starting at all.

Vanessa - MySlim - Motivation


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