Mau’s motivation and transformation

Procrastination – A word that I am so allergic to. But I must admit, there are days that I am guilty of this. And when I find myself in this situation, I try different ways to motivate and push myself to move and to not put off the things I should be doing. It’s a given that motivation plays a very important role in our lives whether we get it from others or from yourself. Motivation is vital.

So, how do you really motivate yourself? What is your motivation?

Mau - Maurice -MySlim - Motivation - MySlimotivation

For me, family is my motivation to work hard, to stay healthy and to strive to be better each day. For some, motivation comes from experiences… from struggles… and pain.

Mau talks about his motivation

Take Mau for example. Mau’s motivation to improve himself and to get fit was when his mother passed away. This was his turning point.

Mau - Maurice -MySlim - Motivation - MySlimotivation

From 160 lbs, he is now 140 lbs and he slowly gained his self-esteem and confidence back.

Now, Mau is the head coach of Calisthenics Gym, Sparta. Even if I don’t know him personally, just watching this short motivational video is enough for me to see how he has persevered and how he dedicated himself to his craft. Things like these are what inspires me and gives me encouragement to not let go even if when the going gets tough.

Another MySlim Motivational video worth watching and sharing.


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