Be inspired by Rodel and Louie’s MySlim Motivation Video

Being married for 15 years now with 2 teens and hitting 40 next month, I try to make sure that I still look beautiful and healthy especially in the eyes of my husband and children. Not just for superficial reasons, mind you, but mainly because I want to age gracefully and to feel good about myself.

Keeping fit by doing regular exercises does not only help you in losing weight. It also helps boost your confidence and lowers the risk of some diseases.

Listen to Rodel and Louie as they share their story

Take Rodel and Louie’s story for example… working out together on a regular basis has benefited not just their health but their relationship as well.

Their MySlim Motivation exercise video reminds me so much of me and my husband. Just like them, we workout together and we try to maintain a balanced diet.

Rodel and Louie - My Slim Motivation
Chuckie and me
Working out as a couple actually gives joy to both individuals. You motivate & support each other and build understanding towards one another.

Rodel and Louie - My Slim Motivation
Rodel and Louie
Seeing Rodel and Louie working out as a couple made me excited to workout with my husband all the more. I realized as well that it’s cute and really inspiring to see couples working up a sweat in the gym together and encouraging each other. And even now that we are already doing what Raul and Louie are doing, it still inspires me.

So, for couples out there, don’t limit your bonding or date time by going about the typical routine. Break the monotony and find ways to spice up the relationship.

Because as my husband and I have proven, the same way Rodel and Louie have… Couples who workout together, stay together. 🙂


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