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Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay

Nurture Wellness Village is about 3 things — Wellness, Detoxification and Glamping — and I am happy that I was able to experience all of them recently with my husband, our good friend Mae who invited us and new acquaintances in the blogging industry.

My visit to Nurture Wellness Village seemed all too fated since just a few days before our visit, I was unexpectedly diagnosed to have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I was surprised myself when the findings came out actually! But I realized, being a food blogger and perhaps my frequent traveling somehow took a toll on my body. Also, I am no spring chicken anymore. 😉

As a matter of fact, the night before our trip to Nurture Wellness Village, I was also under the weather and almost begged off because of it. But pushing through with the trip to Nurture Wellness Village would prove to be the right decision. Let me tell you why…

My much needed getaway at Nurture Wellness Village

DAY 1:

Upon arrival at Nurture Wellness Village, the ambiance and fresh air immediately relaxed me.

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay

We were ushered to the Salakot Pavillon right away for our Boodle-inspired lunch together with Nurture Wellness Village’s gracious owner Ms. Cathy Turvill and other bloggers who already arrived earlier than us.

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
Photo courtesy of Nurture Wellness Village by Bryan Venancio
Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
My plate
After lunch, Ms. Cathy asked us to form a line like a caterpillar holding each other’s back for the Partner Massage. She taught us some massage and breathing techniques. This partner massage is a great activity to do with your other half as well to promote bonding and intimacy. 🙂

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
Photo courtesy of Nurture Wellness Village by Bryan Venancio
We also had a Salad Making Activity which turned out to be a very fun and friendly competition. We were split into 2 competing teams like kids facing off in school trying to outshine one another. Unfortunately our team lost but since my husband was in the winning team, I felt like a winner, too.
Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay

Medicinal Plant Demo
Nurture Wellness Village - TagaytayOld folks would always say “go natural” when healing an illness. If you just look around you, some common plants can be found in our own backyard (or even inside our fridge) — veggies like malunggay – rich in anti-cancer properties; garlic, banana, tomato – heart; kangkong, kale, pineapple – immune system; lemongrass, pandan, parsley – stomach; mint, wheatgrass – diabetes. This “katakataka’ leaf is said to ease headache.

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
Photo courtesy of Nurture Wellness Village by Bryan Venancio

Coffee Roasting Demo

Nurture Wellness Village - TagaytayApart from the benefits we already know we get from coffee, many don’t know that it can also cleanse your body by way of “coffee enema”. Yup! And you can experience this yourself at Nurture Wellness Village.

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
Freshly crushed coffee bean.
Freshly brewed Kapeng Barako
Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay

Healthy Juice Demo

Nurtur Wellness Village - Tagaytay

I had the chance to make my own juice made of Apple, Banana, Pineapple, Honey and Kale. It actually has a similar taste to pineapple juice but 10 times better. This healthy drink can help lower my cholesterol and blood pressure.

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
TRIVIA: Did you know that Kale is considered a superfood? In fact, Kale helps lower cholesterol levels (super perfect for me!). It is low in calories, high in fiber, has Vitamin K that fights cancer, rich in iron (more than beef) and a whole lot more!
And since it was Global Wellness Day during our visit, we were lucky to have GWD Philippines Ambassadress Ms. Vicky Aquino drop by and give a talk about healthy living and making the right choices for one’s self. Basically, the message is that we all control our well-being. By following a simple acronym called “CHOICE”, living better and healthier is easily achieved. This is exactly what Nurture Wellness Village lives by.

C– Control Stress and choose to be positive

-healthy eating and hydration

-oxygenated movement

-immune boost with natural health supplements

-cleanse the body, mind and environment

-embrace natural healing therapies

-sleep, social and spiritual support

We Say Yes to healthy living!
Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
For our afternoon snack I was delightfully surprised to find a good selection of offerings on the buffet table — Arroz Caldo, Tapas, Kakanin and fresh fruits. They sure know how to pamper their guests!

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
Their Arroz Caldo partnered with tapa slices was a good combo!
Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay

We also had an afternoon folk dance activity led by one of the staff. It was pure joy for me since dancing is one of my favorite activities and pastimes. The feeling was absolutely fantastic!

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
Photo courtesy of Nurture Wellness Village by Bryan Venancio

Towel Art Demo

Nurture Wellness Village - TagaytayNurture Wellness Village takes pride in their Towel Art. Actually, they are the first to introduce towel art and are actually very good at it! At Nurture, they use ecoknit towels which allows less drying time.

Day 2:

Our second day started out with a Tai Chi Gong Exercise – an energy healing exercise with movements, meditation and proper breathing. It helps your blood circulate better and gives you balance. We ended it with a Happy Modern Dance before having breakfast.

The buffet spread had Kale pan de sal, Champorado and assorted viands perfect for our hungry tummies.

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay

We were nourished with food using ingredients that Nurture Wellness Village grows in their farm or provided by nearby suppliers. Though, you may have seen some fried dishes and a couple of fatty offerings on some of the pictures, these are balanced out with healthy options like fruits and organic vegetables.

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
A perfect breakfast to fuel me for the remaining activities ahead.

Before having lunch, we were treated to a 30-Minute Head & Shoulder Massage at Okale. It was fantastic!
Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
And then we transferred to the main building for lunch.
Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
But before eating, Chef Cris demonstrated how to make a delicious dessert using local ingredients.
Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
We plated the dessert made by Chef Cris — banana flambé with Nutella, kesong puti, almonds, brownies, topped with vanilla ice cream and himalayan salt.
Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
Nurture Wellness Village is not just a spa but a wellness destination. It’s like a “casa” to cleanse and detoxify you from all the negative vibes, toxins, and harmful stresses in life. Also, meeting Ms. Cathy was pure delight! Her passion for good health and wellness is something we should all strive to have. Her positivity is very contagious. When I grow older, I want to be like Ms. Cathy. 😉

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
Guys, don’t wait for your body to shut down before you decide to take action. Listen to your body now. Give your body the right attention it needs. We all have only one life and we must take good care of our well-being.

On that note, I would like to thank Nurture Wellness Village! I enjoyed looking at the scenic greenery and participating in the wonderful immersive activities. It undoubtedly released many happy hormones, brought balance to the mind and soul and lowered my blood pressure to 110/70! Incredible! I hope I can maintain this BP! 🙂

Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
Indeed, Nurture Wellness Village is committed to making you become healthier, happier and better.


Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay
Photo courtesy of Nurture Wellness Village by Bryan Venancio
Contact Details
Pulong Sagingan,
Barangay Maitim II
West Cavite,
Tagaytay, Philippines – 4120
T: Telephone: +63 2 710 9786
C: +63 918 888 8772
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @NurtureSpa
Instagram: @nurturewellnessvillage

How do I get to Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay by car:
Take South Expressway towards Batangas, Exit Sta. Rosa or Greenfields City then follow the sign towards Tagaytay. Upon reaching the ridge, turn right towards Tagaytay City. Once you reach the Rotonda go towards the direction of Nasugbu. Watch out for a row of restaurants (Starbucks, Leslie’s) on your left, once you spot them, turn right at Magallanes Square (where you can see Globe Telecom), follow the signs leading to Nurture Spa Village approximately 3kms. away.


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