Rico’s Lechon in Cebu – Da best gyud!

If you are a reader of my blog I am sure you have read several times already that I talk about my Kapampangan lineage and where I got my love for cooking. But I guess I haven’t mentioned yet that my paternal grandmother hails from Ronda, Cebu. So, I grew up enjoying Cebu delicacies like Danggit, Dried Mangoes, Masareal, Chorizo de Cebu, Mandaue’s bibingka and of course Cebu Lechon.

I remember we would buy kilos of Cebu Lechon at my grandparent’s favorite store along N. Domingo — the Lechon Family. We would serve this on a Sunday when the family is complete. This where my love for lechon started.

Rico's Lechon - Cebu

So when I learned that I would be going to Cebu for Vikings Cebu’s sneak peek via Philippines AirAsia, I knew I just had to stop by for some lechon. Good thing it was part of our itinerary.

Lechon always tops the list of what to eat in Cebu. Whether spicy or just your good ‘ol regular lechon, one must always have this on their list of things to do (or eat) while in the Queen City of the South.

I’ve already tried a wide variety of lechon in my lifetime but nothing beats Cebu lechon. Could it be because of its familiar flavor that unfailingly pleases my palate and how it hits the spot every time I eat it? Probably. But Cebu lechon’s seasoning deliciously seeps into its meat so there’s no need for sauce at all. That’s what I absolutely love about it.

A visit to Cebu isn’t complete without dining at Rico’s Lechon

During this particular visit to Cebu, we dropped by Rico’s Lechon. And just like that, I was in Lechon wonderland in no time!

Rico's Lechon - Cebu

Rico’s Lechon recently opened a branch in Mactan Promenade, Lapu Lapu City (near the airport). This was where we had dinner before catching our flight back to Manila.

The restaurant was homey and spacious. You can either get a table downstairs or on the second floor if you want more privacy.

Rico's Lechon - Cebu

Upon arrival, our feast was already prepared.

They served each of us a glass of Cucumansi Quencher which literally quenched us. This refreshing drink was exactly what I needed after a long hot day! We were also served Monggo, Pansit and a few other dishes but my attention was solely at the crunchy lechon.

Rico's Lechon - Cebu
What I like about Rico’s Lechon is the crunchy skin of course. The lechon is roasted beautifully giving it delicately crispy skin. And with just garlic and leeks as their 2 main lip-smacking ingredients… Ah! It’s just so freaking good!

Rico's Lechon - Cebu
Another variety of their specialty was served during our dinner — their Spicy Lechon. THIS. Too bad they ran out of this as I wanted to bring some home for my kids to try. You can see chili seeds on the skin and some rock salt giving it a nice play on spicy and salty flavors. But don’t be scared to try it out. The Spicy Lechon just has a slight zing in every bite.

Rico's Lechon - Cebu

Lechon may not be the healthiest of dishes (for obvious reasons) but I can eat this over and over again especially that delightfully crispy skin which cracks like a glass window. Just give me garlic rice and I am good!

And since convenience, apart from quality, is one of the main priorities of Rico’s Lechon for their customers, they now made it possible for customers to place orders even if you are outside Cebu. They will pack-and-ship the lechon to you! Plus points!

What an amazing dinner to cap off an equally amazing trip! Da best gyud talaga!

Rico's Lechon - Cebu

Price List:

Lechon de Leche – Php3,500.00
Regular – Php4,000.00
Large (for 40-45 pax) – Php5,500.00
Medium – Php5,000.00
XL (for 50 pax) – Php6,000.00

Contact Details

Corporate Office:
(032) 239-2830 / (0915) 115-0248
(032) 344-0119 / (0933) 632-2248
(032) 345-5688 / (0915) 703-3964

The Ridges, Panagdait Mabolo:
(032) 260-2443 / (0927) 352-2078

Mactan Promenade, Lapu-Lapu City:
(032) 231-5580 / (0995) 618-9363

E: [email protected]
Twitter: @DaBestGyud
Instagram: @RicosLechonOfficial

Special mention to Mactan airport who sponsored our VIP lounge access, NITAS Cebu, MTB Tours and Greenline Travel services for making our Cebu trip extra fun.

Special thanks also to AirAsia for flying us to Cebu. AirAsia flies 8x daily from Manila to Cebu and offers direct flights from Cebu to Kuala Lumpur and Incheon/Seoul in South Korea.

Keep updated with AirAsia’s latest promotion and activities via twitter (@AirAsiaPH), Facebook (facebook.com/AirAsiaPhilippines), Instagram (@AirAsiaPh), Viber public chat (@AirAsiaPh) and www.airasia.com.


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