My Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure

I learned to bike when I was in grade school. In fact, I have sustained several scars when I was learning how to ride a bike. But since I really wanted to learn, I couldn’t care less even if my right knee and left elbow bled during the very day that I actually learned on my own. But thanks to Cebo de Macho, the scars faded somehow. Haha! So when we went to Cebu recently for the sneak peak of Vikings Cebu via Philippines AirAsia, part of our itinerary was a bike trail ride courtesy of Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure. Who would have thought that after years of actually not biking, I would do it again — via a 4-km downhill trail, no less!

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure pioneers in bike tourism in the Philippines. They offer not just a bike ride but a whole new level of biking experience while enjoying a nice green view of Cebu as you share the green ride in the company of good friends.

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure – A different kind of thrill

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure - Cebu -Philippines
Before you start your trail ride, a short briefing will be given inside the Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure shop. You’ll learn the different kinds of bike trail levels that they offer. Since we are not pros, we naturally opted to take the beginner level.

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure - Cebu -Philippines
You will be given your gear: elbow knee pads and helmet. Check the gear first before putting it on and make sure it fits you well.

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure - Cebu -Philippines
Thanks to my good friend Raquel of Vikings Buffet Restaurant for this photo.
A service vehicle will take you to the start of the trail where you will be given your own service bikes.
Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure - Cebu -Philippines
I thought it was just the usual downhill bike trail but to my surprise it was quite challenging with lots of rough patches and some steep drops! My hands were tired from clenching and from overusing the breaks. Looks like I need to brush up on my rusty biking skills. LOL!

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure - Cebu -Philippines

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure - Cebu -Philippines

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure - Cebu -Philippines

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure - Cebu -Philippines
Topless Chuckie!
I even fell when I was already getting close to the end. And yes! My husband just had to document it! See! This is why you should wear proper clothing and gear to protect you.

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure - Cebu -Philippines
Once you are done with the bike trail, you are whisked off to where everyone can enjoy a Pinoy Boodle Fight — no utensils, no plates, just banana leaves and your bare hands. A simple yet very fun way to end your bike trail ride adventure.
Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure - Cebu -Philippines

Thank you, Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure, for one thrilling and adrenaline-pumping afternoon! It was absolutely fun!

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure - Cebu -Philippines
Things to remember:

  • Wear comfortable and light clothing.
  • Wear rubber shoes/sneakers.
  • Bring extra clothing.
  • Remove accessories.
  • If you must bring a bag, make sure to use a backpack but keep it light.
  • You may bring your own water and snacks and leave it in the service vehicle so you can have something to munch on right after the bike trail.
  • Put on sunblock.


  • Php1,500.00/head for 7 persons and more
  • Php2,500.00/head for 4-6 persons
  • Php3,500.00/head for 2-3 persons
  • Php4,500.00/head for 1 person

The package includes service bikes, gear (elbow & knee pads and helmet), Pinoy boodle fight food after the trail, support vehicle, trail guide and pictures of the tour in digital copy.

Contact Details

1298-B V. Rama Ave.,
Cebu City,
Cebu, Philippines
T: (032) 238-6813
C: 0906-5029408 / 0942-9597451
Instagram: @cebumtbadventure

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure

Special mention to Mactan airport who sponsored our VIP lounge access, NITAS Cebu, MTB Tours and Greenline Travel services for making our Cebu trip extra fun.

Special thanks also to AirAsia for flying us to Cebu. AirAsia flies 8x daily from Manila to Cebu and offers direct flights from Cebu to Kuala Lumpur and Incheon/Seoul in South Korea.

Keep updated with AirAsia’s latest promotion and activities via twitter (@AirAsiaPH), Facebook (, Instagram (@AirAsiaPh), and on Viber public chat (@AirAsiaPh).


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