Balesin Island Club – A truly captivating paradise

balesin island club

Whenever I think of places to visit where I can lay back and relax, I always picture myself working up a tan in the Bahamas or Bora Bora. Maybe it’s just because I enjoy traveling to foreign lands. But in truth, I know that there are so many beautiful spots in our own country that I have yet to discover.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was able to tick Balesin Island Club off my bucket list of go-to places in the country.

To those who still haven’t been to this amazing island, allow me to uncover the best of Balesin Island Club for you.

To reach Balesin Island Club, one must first proceed to the Alphaland Hangar along Andrews Avenue in Pasay City at least an hour and a half before your scheduled flight. The lounge is fully airconditioned with a clean bathroom and offers coffee, water and crackers while waiting for your flight.

You either take a 9-seater Cessna aircraft (like the one I used) or sometimes a bigger aircraft.

And I am off. Balesin, here I come…!

Balesin Island Club
Hello, Balesin Island Club!

Tucked in a private island is Balesin Island Club — tagged as one of the country’s premier membership club that only, as they say, the affluent can afford. Located in Polillo Quezon, Philippines with 7 kilometers of pristine white-sand beaches, themed villages and just a 30-minute plane ride from Manila, this is definitely your perfect private vacation spot.

Upon arriving at E. Tordesillas Airport, you are welcomed with a glass of buko juice while you listen to a quick briefing about the island. Afterwards, you are then whisked off to the Balesin Island Clubhouse for your check-in.

Balesin Island Club
Balesin Island Club
With 7 themed villages, being in Balesin Island Club is pretty much like touring 7 different countries in one enthralling utopia. Each village has its own villa/suite, restaurant and swimming pool.

Let’s begin the tour, shall we?

Balesin Village

Balesin Island Club

This village is proudly Filipino and almost always filled up and one of the more popular choices by guests here in Balesin Island Club. It is near the beach, the main clubhouse, Balesin Spa, Aquatic Sports Center and faces Lamon Bay so you get a nice view of the water.

Balesin Island Club
Lamon Bay
Costa del Sol Village

Balesin Island Club

For those who prefer a Spanish ambiance, Costa del Sol is right up your alley.

This Balesin Island Club village features Spanish architecture that can be easily seen on its arched thresholds and walls.

A Costa del Sol suite can fit up to 8 persons – loft, 2 bathrooms and a mesmerizing view of the Pacific Ocean.

Balesin Island Club
Costa del Sol has 2 different swimming pools – saltwater and freshwater
The restaurant is known for their Paella and Cochinillo. If you want to dine al fresco, you can do so while enjoying a Sangria and listening to the sound of the waves crashing the shore.

Balesin Island Club
Phuket Village

Balesin Island Club

This place is located at the southernmost part of the island where Lamon Bay and the Pacific Ocean meet. Almost similar to Bali and Balesin Villages but with multiple roof tiers which is a Thai trademark.

Outside, you get this picturesque view of Lamon Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Lamon Bay features the sunrise while the Pacific Ocean showcases the sunset.

Balesin Island Club
St. Tropez Village

Balesin Island Club

Patterned from Hotel Byblos in the heart of the village of Saint-Tropez, this French themed village in Balesin Island Club is probably the most colorful amongst all the villages. You will enjoy the splash of pastel colors where even the furniture are flashy and bright. It was because of this attraction that I couldn’t help but to do a quick photo-op!

Balesin Island Club

Balesin Island Club
Balesin Island Club
This is where you’ll also see a boutique style accommodation instead of the usual villas that can be seen in most Balesin Island Club villages.

Balesin Island Club
Even the rooms are colorfully decorated.

Balesin Island Club

Toscana Village

Balesin Island Club

Inspired from Tuscany, Italy, this village is accented with textured stone walls and adorned with terracotta ornaments. I heard that this was the hardest to build as most of the decors and other accents of this place were imported.

Balesin Island Club

Balesin Island ClubBe sure to head up to the third floor to see the entire courtyard, the pools and the ocean.

Balesin Island Club
Bali Village

Balesin Island Club
The main door of this place was actually imported from Bali.

Located at the northernmost end of the island, Bali Village has 32 villas and 2 villas on stilts.

Balesin Island Club
Nusa Dua is one of the most photographed areas in the island.
Balesin Island Club
The 2 villas on each side of the Nusa Dua Bar has a porch that goes around to give you a captivating view of the island and an equally breathtaking view as the sun sets.
Craving for some Indonesian dishes? Bali Warung is their signature restaurant that will satisfy your need for delicious dishes such as Nasi Goreng, Laksa and Sate Ayam to name a few.

Balesin Island Club
But if you just want to unwind, Nusa Dua opens from 5PM to 7PM, serving appetizers and wonderfully concocted signature Balinese cocktails as you enjoy the fascinating vista.

Balesin Island ClubBalesin Island Club

Mykonos Village

Balesin Island Club

This Balesin Island Club village is patterned to the famous Greek isle, seemingly transporting you to Greece without ever leaving the island. With its blue & white villas, whitewashed walls that blend with the clouds and the sky, winding cobblestone roads, this place is just so snap worthy!

Balesin Island Club
Each of their 30+ villas has its own rooftop with a whirlpool tub and a spacious lounge area perfect for unwinding with great company.

Balesin Island Club
The Balesin Royal Villa on the other hand was just added last 2014.

Balesin Island Club
The moment I first set foot in this villa, I immediately remembered Heart Evangelista posing by the staircase during her wedding day. This villa is undoubtedly grandiose!

Balesin Island ClubBalesin Island Club
The Balesin Royal Villa is ideal for large groups. There are 4 Maharlika Suites each with its own living area, terrace & 4 outdoor jacuzzis and 10 Royal Suites with direct access to the pool and the beach. This place has its own elevator that can fit 10 persons, 2 swimming pools with jet bubblers, a fully air-conditioned dining salon and full bar facility. Apart from that, breakfast room service is available and can pre-arrange luncheon and dining functions as well as special a la carte menus. This villa has an entertainment center, direct access to the beach and dedicated vehicles for transport. Truly, a villa fit for a king!

Balesin Island Club
But amenities and extravagances such as these come at a hefty price. Just how hefty? A whopping Php250K a day!

Going around the 500-hectare island is never a concern since Balesin Island Club has driver-assisted electric golf carts and jeepney rides that can take you all over the island 24/7.

Balesin Island Club
While you’re at it, make sure to take pics and create wonderful memories.

Balesin Island Club
The view, the relaxing sea breeze and everything else about Balesin Island Club are unquestionably magical.

Balesin Island Club
I am quite sure that by now you’re already thinking of how to get to Balesin Island Club and experience what they have to offer. If you aren’t a member of the club, my suggestion is for you to look for a member who can invite you to visit as guests — expenses shouldered by yourselves, of course. Trust me, it is worth saving up for — even for just a one-time experience.


Check-in/Check-out Policy
Check-in is 1:00PM
Check-out is 11:00AM

Globe and Smart Networks
Globe and Smart networks are working but there are times when both signals are spotty. WiFi is available at the main Clubhouse and in some restaurants.

Credit Card
The Balesin Island Club strictly implements a CREDIT CARD ONLY policy.

Emergency medical center is located at the clubhouse with a resident doctor, dentist and nurse.

Watch out for PART 2 of my Balesin Island Club trip. Check back here on my blog regularly for more on Balesin and other exciting travel (and food) adventures!

Contact Details
9th Floor, Alphaland Southgate Tower,
2258 Chino Roces Avenue (Pasong Tamo)
corner EDSA, Makati City,
Metro Manila – 1232

Sales Inquiries:
T: +632.846.6205
M: +63.999.886.4420

Twitter: Balesin_Island

For membership:


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