Cadbury 5Star – Get ready for the newest chocolate treat in town!

Cadbury 5Star

For some reason, I am no chocolate fan. I don’t go crazy over it. Well, ok, maybe for a few brands but not plain chocolate bars. For me to enjoy chocolate treats, it must be mixed with caramel, nuts or fruits or perhaps white chocolate.

So when my good friend from Mondelez Philippines called and told me that they are coming up with a new chocolate bar with caramel and crunchy biscuits, I knew that I had try it.

Introducing, Cadbury 5Star! Mondelez Philippines proudly welcomes its newest chocolate brand.

Cadbury 5Star - Mondelez - Philippines
It brings together the 200-year legacy of chocolate making of the Cadbury brand and a new and exciting taste experience for young consumers. Cadbury 5Star joins Mondelez Philippines’ other chocolate brands Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk in creating delicious moments of joy for consumers.

The newest STAR of the chocolate scene is here – Cadbury 5Star

Cadbury 5Star - Mondelez - Philippines

This delicious snack has crunchy biscuits covered in chocolate and caramel. It’s the kind of taste that younger Millennials are looking for. It is edgy, daring and unique in a cute packaging.

Cadbury 5Star - Mondelez - Philippines

Cadbury 5Star - Mondelez - Philippines

And in just a blink of an eye, it was gone! I obviously enjoyed it a whole lot.

Cadbury 5Star - Mondelez - Philippines

When you finish a pack, tear the wrapper open and check the amusing challenges found inside.

Cadbury 5Star - Mondelez - Philippines

The #youthinkyoucan challenges will dare you to do fun antics like “Dancing the Moonwalk.” And while you’re at it, why don’t you share your fun and unique chocolate experience online?

Try one of the challenges on Cadbury 5Star packs and take a picture of yourself! Share the picture online and with 5Star so you can go full on with the chocolate experience!

Cadbury 5Star is available at all leading groceries and convenience stores in 45g and 15g packs, with respective SRPs of P34.00 and P10.00.

Follow Cadbury 5Star on their official Facebook Page.


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