Tapenade at Discovery Primea revisited

tapenade - discovery primea

Whenever I am being asked what my favorite restaurant in the metro is, I honestly couldn’t think of a specific one. Simply because there are a lot of good restos out there. But there is one restaurant that is always on my list when I am asked to recommend a great place to dine in. And that, my friends, is Tapenade at Discovery Primea.

Tapenade - Discovery Primea

I am never disappointed with my food choices at Tapenade. Even when I order the same dish, I can expect the same taste and quality just like the very first time it was served to me. That is one of the reasons why I keep coming back to Tapenade.

Just the other night, we were invited to an intimate sneak preview at Tapenade.

Tapenade - Discovery Primea

Truly mouthwatering dishes by Chef Luis Chikiamco at Tapenade, Discovery Primea

We kicked things off with this appetizer made of melted leeks, prosciutto, mozzarella di bufala with shallot fig jam on toasted ciabatta. You’ve got a delightful mix of sweet, salty and tangy flavors with a great crunchy texture.

Tapenade -Discovery Primea

Next to arrive was the Salumi Pizza (Php590.00) which was packed with housemade Fennel Sausage, lots of bacon and Guanciale (that’s to-die-for), Salsiccia Piccante for some heat, tomato and mozzarella to give you a mix of wonderful flavors in one dish.

Tapenade - Discovery Primea

If you love eating your pizza with more zing, drizzle some chili oil to give it additional oomph. Since I love spicy food, I went heavy on the chili oil. Perfect!

Tapenade - Discovery Primea

By the way… it’s 50% OFF on pizzas at Tapenade every Monday to Friday from 3pm to 5:30pm.

Up next was our dinner’s star of the night… Chef Luis Chikiamco’s April Special – Bistecca alla Fiorentina! The grain fed T-Bone was just seasoned with salt and pepper accompanied with grilled asparagus, potatoes limonata and roasted mushrooms. This dish easily serves two. But you can always have it all to yourself if you really want to.

Tapenade - Discovery Primea

The beauty of this dish as with any great steak is that one does not need any gravy or seasoning at all. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned. A truly sexy and gorgeous steak with just the right amount of fat!

Tapenade - Discovery Primea

Try it out very soon guys. This is only being offered for the month of April. Whether they decide to extend the period of its limited run is unknown, so hurry over.

Chef Luis prepared two kinds of dessert to cap off a delightful dinner: Lemon Speculoos and Flourless Chocolate Cake.

The Lemon Speculoos was so refreshing that I was even eyeing on having my husband’s share. The pleasant balance of lemon and Speculoos spread was perfect!

Tapenade - Discovery Primea

The other dessert was a Flourless Chocolate Cake. I was actually surprised that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would! Friends and family know that I’m not a fan of chocolate but this Flourless Chocolate Cake had really great texture plus the not-so-sweet taste won me over. Chef Luis used Valrhona Cocoa Powder and Hot Chocolate fudge that gave this dish an overall consistency that one can liken to Tablea and ice cream cake combined. It was pure delight pairing it with my black coffee.

Tapenade - Discovery Primea
I can’t wait to see some of these new offerings on Tapenade’s menu. Every dish that was served that night was appetizing, visually enticing and absolutely delicious! Chef Luis is truly at the top of his game!

‘Twas a Tuesday night well-spent!

Tapenade - Discovery Primea

Contact Details

Restaurant Tapenade is located at the G/F of Discovery Primea
6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
T: +63 2 955-8888
Twitter: @PrimeaMakati
Instagram: @discoveryprimea


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