Kumori and Zomato – Biting into clouds is now made easier and faster!

Kumori - Zomato - Bite Into Clouds

Great news! Ordering your favorite Kumori freshly baked goodies have now been made easier with Zomato!

Kumori - Zomato - Bite Into Clouds

Kumori - Zomato - Bite Into Clouds

With Kumori and Zomato, you can now bite into clouds anytime and anywhere you want without worrying about traffic or going out of your way to find a Kumori branch. In just one click, your favorite Kumori products will be delivered right to your doorstep! Isn’t that wonderful? I was absolutely delighted when I first found out about the wonderful news that Kumori and Zomato had partnered up.

Kumori and Zomato – A match made in the clouds

Wondering how this new Kumori and Zomato partnership works? Just download the Zomato App and get started. Don’t worry, the app is FREE!

Kumori - Zomato - Bite Into Clouds

Kumori has been my favorite since the first time I’ve tried it. So, allow me to share with you some of these heavenly Kumori goodies that I have grown to love. Careful not to drool. Haha!

The Kumori box that was delivered to our home contained 3 of their bestselling items and 2 new variants of rustic bread.

This Crabstick Bun (Php58.00) is my default go-to delight. Soft bread bun with crabstick mixed with creamy Japanese mayonnaise. It’s just so good that it reminds me of my favorite Kani Salad.

Kumori - Zomato - Bite Into Clouds

This Custard Butter Bun (Php45.00) with a rich egg custard in milky buttercream comes in a close second. But it doesn’t mean it’s any less delicious. Bite into the soft, light, fluffy and almost cloud-like bread that encloses the filling, ah! It’s just delightfully sinful!

Kumori - Zomato - Bite Into Clouds

If you love croissant like my husband, you will definitely like this Apple Cheese Danish (Php59.00). Take a bite and just enjoy this flaky Danish pastry with luscious cream cheese, topped with caramelized apples.

Kumori - Zomato - Bite Into Clouds

Now, let’s go to the selections of rustic bread which got me all excited the moment I saw them. It was my first time to try the Cranberry Yuzu (Php78.00) and I immediately liked it! I popped it in the oven to get a pleasantly crisp crust with a chewy interior so that when you bite into it, it’ll be much more enjoyable. Slowly you’ll taste a slight tang from the cranberry with a hint of citrusy yuzu.

Kumori - Zomato - Bite Into Clouds

And for my pièce de résistance, Kumori’s Ciabatta (Php48.00). This good ‘ol crusty, slightly-golden flattened white bread goes well with soup, stew or sandwiches. But at home, we pop it in the oven to give it a slight toast and then slather fresh butter on top. Classic!

Kumori - Zomato - Bite Into Clouds

I also made my mother-in-law’s Chicken Liver Pâté which goes perfectly well with the Ciabatta slices! Yes! I didn’t hold back and was immediately in bread heaven! Nothing beats having a good round of hearty country loaf.

kumori and zomato

Truly, every Kumori delight is like a bite into clouds.

So, go ahead and indulge. With Kumori and Zomato, every bite into clouds has become much easier!

Café Kumori – SM North EDSA
Counters –
SM Makati
Landmark Makati

Instagram: @kumoriph


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