Premium HyC 150 is my partner in good health!

We all know that sleeping late can cause premature ageing, weaken your immune system, change your mood and many other physical and physiological conditions. Whether you’re working the night shift, partying till the break of dawn or just a plain late sleeper, lack of sleep can pose great challenges to our health and well-being.

Depriving one’s self of that much needed sleep and rest will take a toll on one’s body eventually. I for instance am a late sleeper. I normally write my blog articles in the evening when my kids are asleep already and everything is quiet. That’s when I am most comfortable. I would normally hit the sack around 2 in the morning then wake up at 6AM everyday to prepare breakfast for the kids. That’s just a maximum of 4 hours sleep! Lately I noticed that I’ve been getting sickly and it seems to be stemming from my sleeping pattern. I sometimes experience dizziness to the point of being nauseous or sluggish. There are times when my allergy attacks have become more frequent and my appetite suffered. Being the usual perky and vibrant person that I am sometimes becomes difficult.

So, while I was surfing the net for tips on how to be able to sleep early, I came across an article from a certain Dr. Apostol explaining about the bad effects of sleep deprivation in our immune system. According to him our body undergoes a natural cycle of rest and repair from 10PM to 3AM. That is the window when one should preferably be sleeping already. But with my erratic sleeping pattern and way of life, fitting my rest during this window can get quite impossible.

Several articles that I chanced upon also suggests to take supplements and vitamins which I actually do. I eat a balanced meal and I take my daily dose of vitamins and other supplemental drinks especially Premium HyC 150

Premium HyC 150

Little did I know that Premium HyC 150 can help in strengthening my immune system. Something that I need since I am exposed to so many stressors. Not only will it make me look youthful but it also aides my body’s immune system to repair itself.

Premium HyC150 is manufactured by Fine Japan Co. Ltd. and has been described as a “modern-day fountain of youth” that helps women manage the effects of ageing. It keeps you staying healthy, vibrant and radiant while providing strength and vitality to meet the challenges of our daily lives.

Premium HyC 150

I have been drinking Premium HyC 150 since early December of last year. The high content of hyaluronic acid (HA), ubiquinol and collagen plus a good dose of vitamin C are very much needed by our body to help fight infections. These important ingredients are essential also in regaining the healthy glow of my skin and repair my system. And the high collagen content in nano form makes it easily absorbed by my body.

In case you didn’t know, Collagen is needed to maintain the “structural scaffolds of tissues and organs.” As people age, you lose these scaffolds, causing your skin to sag, thin and wrinkle which are also due to a good number of factors like sleep deprivation. But by drinking Premium Hyc 150 regularly, it helps slow down the aging process, making you enjoy the benefits that go beyond just skin care. I also noticed that the palm of my hands are smoother and naturally moisturized now. You know that nice feeling right after putting on lotion? That’s exactly how it feels now!

Premium Hyc 150

Premium HyC 150 has 7 active ingredients that are beneficial to your body:

  • Collagen as the lifting supplement
  • Hyaluron that helps the Collagen to moisturize the skin and lubricates the bones
  • Elastin for skin flexibility
  • Pearl Coix to lighten the skin and give radiance
  • Biotin for the hair
  • Vitamin C as antioxidant
  • Ubiquinol to boost energy

If we want to feel good and look our best all the time, we need to have that extra effort in caring for our bodies by way of getting much needed sleep, rest, vitamins and living a healthy lifestyle. Try Premium HyC 150 for yourselves and see the huge difference it makes!Take 1 sachet daily – either hot or cold. In this picture, I mixed Premium HyC 150 with my favorite cereal drink. This is actually how I take it everyday during breakfast.

Premium HyC 150

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Because I truly believe in this wonderful product, I am once again giving away one sampler box of Premium HyC 150 to two (2) lucky winners. In addition, I am throwing in a CBTL 2016 Planner and a Fully Booked 2016 Planner respectively (only 1 planner for each winner).

Premium HyC 150

Premium HyC 150

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Premium HyC 150 is available at and at selected Watsons stores nationwide.

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  1. iam diabetic and i have insomnia.. iam suffering from breakouts due to stress plus the fact that i suffer from insomnia that i couldnt sleep well. i miss having my smooth baby clear skin and i think drinking this supplement could help me return to my good old skin days and return my glowing effortless beautiful skin

  2. Toxic 8 hours of duty + toxic people in home + taking care of my baby.. Hella toxic all the way. Indeed HyC 150 is really good to intake. I tried it and the results are really good. But sadly I don’t have enough budget to buy another one. So I hope to win this one again. :))

  3. I am a 24/7 mother of three beside from selling online that cause me a lot stress,HyC 150 can help me regain beautiful skin and boost up my confidence.

  4. i haven’t experience to use/take HyC 150, i want to try to take this,,

  5. Honestly speaking i never been try or take Premium HyC 150 yet.. If i win it’s the first time.Hoping to win. 🙂

  6. Maricel Fajardo says: Reply

    I havent tried Premium HyC 150 but I like to try this because Im stress from daily workload at work and being a hands on mother to my two kids, and when I budgeting the expenses at home it gives me so much stress being a single mother and raising your kids alone, but even though life is a challenge I still want to keep myself looking fresh and keep those radiance skin that only Premium HyC can give

  7. I haven’t tried Premium HyC 150 yet and hope I can try it now by winning this giveaway! Thanks for the chance! 😉

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