Be summer ready with mySlim Yerba Mate Drink

MySlim Yerba Mate Drink - Summer 2016

Summer is one season that gets everybody excited. Kids look forward to their summer break and more often than not, out of town (or out of the country) trips have been already set. A common local destination during summer for Filipinos is the beach, whether to be seen, to unwind or simply work on their tan.

And speaking of summer, it looks like I should ready my summer ensembles again – shorts, sleeveless tops, sundress and swimsuits!

MySlim Yerba Mate Drink - Summer 2016

This is probably why lots of people hit the gym right after the holidays – to get their summer bodies ready. And I am not exempt to that! If I want to have that nice, fit summer body, I should start working out and watching what I eat as early as now to ensure that I’m ready to bare my body! Haha!I hit the gym regularly and also do home exercises when schedule is tight to burn calories especially during food events. Because if I don’t consciously stay physically active, constant food blogging will definitely get me out of shape! Apart from that, I’ve made sure to increase my daily water intake to flush toxins out of my body, I take natural diuretics like coffee and tea, and lessened salt in my food as well as less sweets.

Get ready for summer with mySlim Yerba Mate Drink

One amazing discovery that I have started using regularly for quite sometime already because of the great weight loss benefits I get from it is mySlim Yerba Mate Drink. It cleanses my colon and detoxifies my body. Apart from aiding me in my battle against constipation, drinking it every other day (or 3 bottles per week) helps speed up fat burn and improves my metabolism. It is also great in helping me maintain a flat stomach!

MySlim Yerba Mate Drink - Summer 2016

I always make sure I have at least 3 bottles stocked in the fridge since I enjoy drinking it chilled.

This Strawberry flavored drink uses Palatinose as a sweetener which is naturally derived from sucrose. mySlim Yerba Mate Drink also stabilizes my energy levels for longer periods of time.

MySlim Yerba Mate Drink - Summer 2016

I’ve been drinking mySlim Yerba Mate Drink for months now. This “friendly on the pocket” drink (at Php89.00 per 200mL bottle), helped me shed a good number of pounds even before I had my Vaser treatment done late last year.

Apart from Palatinose, mySlim Yerba Mate Drink has all-natural ingredients like Carnipure which converts fat to usable energy just like L-Carnitine. It also has Finomate/EFLA920 or Yerba Mate Extract or green mate leaf extract which increases energy, facilitates weight loss, suppresses appetite, reduces resorption of fat and improves fat burn.

MySlim Yerba Mate Drink - Summer 2016

Remember, though… gearing up for some fun in the sun is wonderful and all but you have to keep in mind that summer is not just the only reason why you should get in shape. Make fitness and good health a lifestyle. Eat right, sleep early, avoid stress whenever possible, take proper vitamins & supplements, exercise and live happy.

Taking mySlim Yerba Mate Drink is one sure fire way to get right on track to having a fit and healthy body not just for summer but all year round.

Price: Php89.00 per 200mL bottle
Available in: Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, SouthStar Drugstores, 7-Eleven, Robinsons Supermarket and Rose Pharmacy, St Joseph’s Drugstore. #WalangImposible

Vida Nutriscience
T: (632) 9279227
F: (632) 4553900
Info Text Hotline: 0928-665-2646
E: [email protected]
Twitter and Instagram: @myslimdetox


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