Guam Upfront Media Day – Discovering more of Guam

Guam Upfront Media DayHafa Adai!

This is how they greet people in Guam. Pronounced as “half a day”, this simply means “Hello” in Chamorro.

Guam Upfront Media Day

Guam, with a shape reminiscent of a footprint left in the sand, is the largest and most populated island in Micronesia. It is also your first step into the “many tiny islands” which make up this beautiful region of Micronesia. A gateway to the world and America in Asia, too! You can reach Guam via air travel. From the Philippines, it is just three and a half hours away via United Airlines or Philippine Airlines.

I haven’t been there yet, but according to my husband Chuckie who was there last November 2015 for the Ko’Ko Road Race Half Marathon, Guam is very similar to the Philippines – tropical, scenic geography and roughly 40% of the people living in Guam are Filipinos. Even some of their food is like ours, too. Because of these, it pretty much makes this place your home away from home. It is also said that one can tour the entire island of Guam in “half a day”! Cool!

Discovering Guam at the Guam Upfront Media Day

So, if you are a Filipino like me and knowing that Guam is like the Philippines, you’re probably wondering how this island can get you excited?

Well, during the recent Guam Upfront Media Day I recently attended, they showcased a good number of places and activities that can be had during a fun trip to Guam.

Allow me to give you an idea. Guam is BIG in everything! From shopping to food to nightlife to outdoor activities!


  • Run Ko’Ko
    Guam Upfront Media Day
    Chuckie during the Ko’Ko Road Race Half Marathon
  • Cocoa Bath
  • We don’t fall in line, we zip through them. Guam Upfront Media Day
  • Where America’s Day Begins
  • See a blue starfish
  • And more…

Immerse yourself in history Guam Upfront Media Day

Explore the cultural village at Gef Pa’go located in Inarajan and experience how life was like in the early days of the island. At the Lina’La Chamorro Cultural Park in Tumon, reenactments make the past come alive while ancient customs and traditions are open for discovery.

Tour the living past

Guam’s many historical landmarks include churches, forts, historical trails and ancient archaeological sites that immerse the visitor in history and bring guests into contact with landmarks that are hundreds, and in some cases thousands of years old.

Dive into adventure

Guam Upfront Media Day

The clear and pristine waters that surround Guam are world class places for diving and snorkeling with some of the most unique and diverse sites available anywhere. Exotic and breathtaking locations are coupled with hundreds of species of aquatic life to deliver an unforgettable dive or snorkeling experience.

Drive onto the fairway

With seven courses designed by some of the game’s greats, the golfing experience on Guam is one of a kind with our greens winding through the hills against the backdrop of lush jungle foliage and foaming surf crashing against the reefs

Share in traditions and culture

Guam Upfront Media Day

The friendly and welcoming people of Guam love to celebrate and nowhere is that more visible than during our village fiestas (gatherings) and at Chamorro Village in Hagatna every Wednesday night, with both events featuring great food, lively music and a vibrant display of local culture.

Shop for luxuries & gifts duty free

Guam Upfront Media Day

One attraction that was highlighted during the Guam Upfront Media Day that caught my attention was SHOPPING! K-Mart is open 24-hours, Ross closes at 1AM with international fashion houses and world-renowned brands. With three large malls and smaller stores plus night markets where local arts and crafts can be found. And tax-free deals await! So, shopaholics, rejoice!

Explore the nightlife

At night, the bars, clubs and lounges of Guam come alive and pulsate with energy. Local DJs, bands and jazz combos cover all ranges of music for the guests behind our action packed bars, modern dance floors and supple lounges.

Find a unique item made only on Guam

Guam Upfront Media Day

Purchasing products made on Guam presents opportunities to own unique, hand crafted items made with skills and dedication by local artisans. Owning original art and handicrafts, exquisite jewelry and masterful woodwork are excellent ways to preserve your memories of Guam.

Relax under the sun or in the spa

Guam Upfront Media Day

Whether it is on the shores of Guam’s scenic beaches, the deck of a fantastic pool or waterpark or under the hands of an expert masseuse, Guam has a way of getting our guests to relax.

Enjoy the unique island cuisine

Guam Upfront Media Day

Guam is an island that has everything to offer the culinary adventurous. Although having a diverse array of food from around the world at our shops and restaurants, Guam is especially known for its unique island cuisine combining Asian, Spanish and pacific Island influences into a fusion only found on Guam.

For foodies (like me), Guam Food Tours is now a hit! You take the 3-hour tour around the island and discover Guam’s wonderful dishes. Immerse yourself in Chamorro dishes and fall in love with it!

Guam Upfront Media Day

And don’t forget to Skydive!

Guam Upfront Media Day

Experience the thrill of a lifetime as you skydive and see beautiful Guam from 14,000 feet via Skydive Guam Inc.! I most definitely won’t pass up on an opportunity like this! Check out Chuckie’s Skydive Guam experience here.

During the Guam Upfront Media Day, I learned that this year, Guam will be hosting the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts 2016 happening on May 22 – June 4. This festival happens every 4 years participated by 27 countries to bring artists and cultural practitioners together from around the Pacific region. It is recognized as a major regional cultural event, and is the largest gathering in which Pacific people unite to enhance their respect and appreciation of one another. This is also Guam’s opportunity to showcase its unique Chamorro culture that has survived colonization of the past and modernization of the present.From now til the end of the year, Guam has lots of exciting activities lined up. Visit to know more.

If the attractions showcased during the Guam Upfront Media Day is any indication, you should plan your next much needed R&R by heading over to Guam because Guam is definitely (wait for it…!) “GUAMazing”!

Guam Upfront Media Day

Thank you to the Guam Visitors Bureau for inviting me to the Guam Upfront Media Day.

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Guam Visitors Bureau
401 Pale San Vitores Road
Tumon, Guam – 96913
T: (671) 6465278


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