Bohol Ubi Festival 2016 – A different kind of fun!

Even if I’ve been to Bohol so many times already in the past 18 months, the beauty of this place still enchants me. It’s not just the province but the warm hospitality of every Boholano that fills my heart with joy in each and every visit. And I am always delightfully surprised in every trip that there are still a lot wonderful things to discover and learn in Bohol, just like the recent Bohol Ubi Festival 2016 which was held just last January.

The Ubi Festival is held once a year to celebrate the crop that feeds Bohol and other parts of the country. This festival also serves as proof of the Boholanos’ love for ubi and their culture in general. That is why giving it the value and the recognition it deserves has been the goal of many.

Bohol Ubi Festival 2016

The first Ubi Festival was held in January 2000. Though not as popular as the Sandugo Festival, this celebration is one way for Boholanos to manifest their gratitude for a good harvest.

Bohol Ubi Festival 2016

Bohol is one of the top producers of Ubi in the Philippines, in case you didn’t know. Hence, the Ubi Festival is dedicated to this root crop which grows best in the island province of Bohol than in any other part of the country. The Ubi Festival is participated by different towns, showcasing different varieties of Ubi presented during the event.

Bohol Ubi Festival 2016
KINAMPAY: Is endemic in Bohol and this variety is the most sought after because of its unique aroma and color.
Ubi is so precious to the Boholanos. It is, in fact, more than just a root crop – it has become a symbol of the province. Legend says that ubi saved a lot of Boholanos from severe famine during the war.

So much food and fun during the 16th Ubi Festival in Bohol

For the 16th Ubi Festival, an “UBI COOKFEST” was held at the Bohol Cultural Center where various chefs showcased their cooking skill and creative prowess using ubi in different and sometimes unusual dishes.

Bohol Ubi Festival 2016

Judging the dishes during the Cookfest were 3 notable personalities in the food industry: (L-R) Jessica Avila, Nancy Lumen-Reyes and Chef Tatung.

Bohol Ubi Festival 2016

Some of the interesting entries during the Ubi Cookfest were the following:

Kusina ni Tisay: Grilled Shrimp with Ubi

Bohol Ubi Festival 2016

The Bellevue Resort: Creamy Silky ayan Seafood Soup

Bohol Ubi Festival 2016

South Palms Resort: Sugpo’t Tilapia with Ubi sa Gata

Bohol Ubi Festival 2016

Gipreto Puto Na I May Latik

Bohol Ubi Festival 2016

Next year, don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend Bohol’s Ubi Festival. Make sure to try out the different varieties of ubi and their delicious ubi dishes. Mark your calendars and book your flight! It’s a different yet equally fun kind of festival!

Special thanks to the Bohol Provincial Tourism Council Inc., United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Philippines AirAsia for making this trip possible.

Philippines AirAsia offers 3 daily flights from Manila (NAIA Terminal 4) to Tagbilaran Bohol.


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