Kafe Batwan in Rockwell – Delicious Negrense dishes by Chef JP Anglo

During the launch of Chef JP Anglo as the newest Globe Platinum Ambassador at Kafe Batwan in Rockwell last December, he prepared a Negrense inspired lunch for everyone.

Chef JP who hails from Bacolod gave their traditional dishes a slight twist that I find very amusing to eat. You see, my husband is from Negros as well, specifically Bago City, but eventually moved to Bacolod. And when we visited the Dreyfuses in their hometown years back, I was able to taste their best kept family recipes – lumpia, KBL (kadios, baboy, langka), chicken inasal and a lot more. That was also where I learned, tasted and loved batwan. I just love Negrense cuisine! So, without even trying what Chef JP has yet to offer and just by looking at the menu of Kafe Batwan in Rockwell, I already knew that I’d be having a wonderful lunch!

Kafe Batwan in Rockwell - Chef JP

Delicious Negrense dishes at Kafe Batwan in Rockwell

You will definitely see a good selection of comfort food on the menu of Kafe Batwan in Rockwell – dishes that never fail to please your palate and how it just hits the spot every time. But with Chef JP’s cooking prowess, he is known to think out of the box and is not afraid to do so. In fact when I scoured the actual menu of Kafe Batwan, I noticed that batwan {batwan is a pleasant and local souring agent in the Negrense cuisine} is very much evident in most of his dishes. From batwan gravy to batwan aioli to batwan sinamak and even batwan atchara. Who would’ve thought that you could create different kinds of sauces using batwan and not just in soups? He sure knows how to create magic in the kitchen!


Molo Pot Stickers

Kafe Batwan in Rockwell - Chef JP

I’ve heard great reviews about this appetizer and after eating it, I will have to agree. It’s seasoned well and the garlic oil adds a nice flavor to it. It’s so good that I could have another order of this all to myself. A must try at Kafe Batwan in Rockwell.


Spinach with Mango Tuyo Dressing and Crispy Crablets

Kafe Batwan in Rockwell - Chef JP

I went ga-ga over this salad at Kafe Batwan in Rockwell! The sweetness of the mango and the saltiness of the tuyo makes a deliciously refreshing and savory dressing. Add to that some crispy crablets for some protein and texture. Two thumbs-up!


Mushroom and Clam Tinola Soup

Kafe Batwan in Rockwell - Chef JP

A great blend of flavors from the mushroom and clam. The soup’s slight richness can get quite overwhelming – this is where the bread slices comes in. Take a little bite of the bread to help you get through the “rich” taste. But I absolutely loved that the soup was served piping hot!


Nose to Tail Kare-Kare

Kafe Batwan in Rockwell - Chef JP

This deconstructed Kare-Kare is so sinful! So sinful that you’ll end up eating more rice than planned! The sauce was superb! It was nutty, not too thick and really tasty. Don’t forget to scoop some Ginamos for additional flavor. Ginamos is bagoong (salted shrimp paste) in Negros.

Grilled Shrimp in Talangka Gata

Kafe Batwan in Rockwell - Chef JP

Plump shrimps swimming in Talangka (Asian shore crab) coconut sauce. Each shrimp is full of flavor. It was pure joy to be able to enjoy my favorites in one dish! Try this when you visit Kafe Batwan in Rockwell.

Lechon Kawali with Sinamak and Chocolate sauce

Kafe Batwan in Rockwell - Chef JP

It’s your regular fried pork, but what makes it special is the chocolate sauce with sinamak that I mixed together. Weird? Perhaps. But it’s a good kind of weird, I assure you! This specialty at Kafe Batwan in Rockwell offers a unique blend of sweet-sour that’s absolutely smashing! Plus the skin was insanely crunchy! I just love hearing my food deliciously crack and crunch inside my mouth! I’m sure you’ll love it, too!

Sauteed French Beans with Crispy Dilis

Kafe Batwan in Rockwell - Chef JP

The French beans offers a nice crunch and the generous amount of dilis were wonderfully crispy without tasting burnt. It was actually a nice palate cleanser from all the savory mains that went before it.


Sizzling Budbud

Kafe Batwan in Rockwell - Chef JP

This favorite dish at Kafe Batwan in Rockwell has ube butter, coco pandan coffee cream and topped with crispy pinipig. Buttery, nutty and heavenly! A perfect meal ender! Also great for an afternoon snack paired with your favorite coffee or tea.

Kafe Batwan in Rockwell is a cool place with great food and an interesting menu. Priced quite above the average but if you don’t mind spending a little bit more for quality food, then, head on over to this place and have your fill. I’ve definitely satisfied my curious palate and was surely not disappointed by Kafe Batwan in Rockwell.

Contact Details

122 Joya Lofts and Towers,
Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell,
Makati City
T: 625-5166
C: 0917-5296351
Instagram: @kafebatwan
Operational Hours: 7AM to 11PM daily


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