Master Chef JP Anglo and Globe Platinum – Partners on the path to success

Chef JP and Globe Platinum

“When I first started out, no one believed in me except for my sister (Tracie). I had to go to Ateneo Business School not to study but to shop for business partners!”
Chef JP Anglo of Sarsa, Kafe Batwan, Maipao & Mushu and Liberation Shawarma

I remember seeing Chef JP Anglo for the first time when I covered the press conference of MasterChef Pinoy Edition in 2012. Among the chefs, Chef JP was the quiet and reserved one. As I continued to watch MasterChef episodes on a regular basis, I noticed how passionate Chef JP was in his cooking. And it was because of this passion that he became visible in the industry.

Just recently, Chef JP was launched as the newest Globe Platinum Ambassador.

Chef JP and Globe Platinum
(L-R) Globe SVP for Consumer Mobile Marketing Issa Cabreira, Globe Platinum Brand Director Kaisie del Carmen, Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Dan Horan, Globe Platinum Ambassador Chef JP Anglo, Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, and Globe Platinum Customer Marketing Director Jenn Mallabo

Why Chef JP for Globe Platinum?

Chef JP embodies the brand. He is in a place wherein he is in constant hunger in a digital setting – A modern day entrepreneur. His love for food and family keeps the new Globe Platinum ambassador inspired to create, innovate and connect.

Contrary to what most people may think, Chef JP Anglo’s success wasn’t just handed over to him. His family had a restaurant in his hometown in Bacolod but when it closed down it was also what inspired him to go to culinary school and pursue his goal to set up his own restaurant.

Chef JP didn’t get into food immediately. He tried different things at first but none of them seemed to really stick. Since cooking has always been his passion and family was his major inspiration, he finally realized it was what he should have been doing all along.

He went to Le Cordon Bleu in Australia to study and would still put in several hours of work outside – choosing the most laborious roles in the kitchen. Eventually, he came back to Bacolod and put up “Mai Pao & Mu Shu”, a Chinese restaurant. At first, he had a difficult time finding business partners because no one believed in him. It was his sister and brother-in-law who supported his plans and gave him the start he needed.

Chef JP and Globe Platinum
(L-R) Chef JP Anglo, Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, and Tracie Anglo-Dizon
When he finally decided to go to Manila, he faced more challenges which included rejections and being homesick. But by being digitally-connected, he was able to stay in constant communication with his loved ones – something he really needed to give him the strength to carry on.

Before Sarsa at The Forum in BGC came to be, he initially got turned down, but Chef JP persevered. And on his second try, he finally got in. The rest, as they say, is history. Kafe Batwan and Liberation Shawarma followed.

Chef JP is not one who settles for only traditional dishes. According to him, every time he is back from a (surf) trip, he is inspired to come up with a new dish. And when he is traveling, it is critical for him to stay connected with his team in Manila to make sure his restaurants are running smoothly. “I’ve found Globe Platinum to be a key partner in enabling me to do that. I’m in the food service industry so I demand the same level of quality service that I provide.” He says.

Aside from the Platinum Lifestyle Plans and worldwide perks and privileges, Globe Platinum’s signature customer experience is made even better because of the new breed of Platinum Relationship Managers. These Relationship Managers provide personalized service and makes it a point to get to know customers.

Chef JP and Globe Platinum
Globe Executives led by Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu and Platinum Relationship Managers with Globe Platinum Ambassador Chef JP Anglo
Chef JP knows the hard work and meticulousness involved in customer service, so he appreciates that his Platinum Relationship Manager remembers even the little details about him. From his love of surfing, to his sister Tracie’s birthday, and also takes extra steps to address Chef JP’s needs before he even asks. “I don’t have to think or worry about anything because my Platinum Relationship Manager has got my back in everything.” He especially enjoys the little surprises he gets, like dinners with visiting Michelin-star chefs and tickets to a Star Wars block screening, all chosen for him and his interests, passions, and things he values the most.

Globe Platinum is excited to have Chef JP join the family as one of its newest faces to represent the brand. Marketing Brand Director Kaisie Del Carmen says, “It’s our commitment to ensure that Chef JP, alongside our other customers, gets to live their modern lifestyles in today’s digital setting. Chef JP’s success goes beyond the kitchen and is evident in every part of his life, so we make sure he’s always inspired and connected to everything and everyone he love, so that he can continue achieving his success.”

It isn’t surprising that Chef JP has become both a role model and an inspiration for today’s young generation. Whether you wear a suit going to work or an apron, there is no traditional way of defining success.

Globe Platinum’s new and most powerful Lifestyle Plans are especially crafted to fit today’s digital, dynamic and always-connected lifestyles, with access to the newest devices, unlimited all network calls and texts (a first in the market), rich mobile data allocation, built-in roaming services that can automatically subscribe customers to unlimited data roaming services or the option to enjoy a consumable roaming allocation whenever they travel, and entertainment and content on demand with complimentary access to the best applications. Aside from the signature and personalized service from the Platinum Relationship Managers, the Platinum experience is further enriched with customers having dedicated hotline services, plus priority in Globe stores, as well as great rewards and worldwide perks and privileges—24/7 access to an international concierge, access to airport lounges around the world, exclusive hotel discounts, and even a personal shopper abroad.

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During Chef JP’s launch as the newest Globe Platinum Ambassador, we were treated to a hearty lunch at Kafe Batwan at Rockwell. He created a modern Filipino Negrense menu that I enjoyed eating! Read about it here.

Chef JP and Globe Platinum


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