SkyJet Airlines – A pleasant and enjoyable experience

SkyJet Airlines - Batanes - Transitions Lens

It was my first time to ride SkyJet Airlines and at first there was this slight apprehension upon seeing how small the aircraft was compared to the others beside it. And knowing how strong the gale winds are in Batanes, I had no idea what kind of ride to expect.

SkyJet Airlines

My first SkyJet Airlines experience

Upon entering and seeing the aircraft’s interior for the first time, it was apparent that touchups and a little aesthetic refurbishing were in order for Manila’s Boutique Airline. But, being the newest pacesetter in the local industry, I was delightfully surprised with SkyJet Airlines’ service! Our flight to Batanes was on time and going back to Manila was earlier than scheduled. Impressive! Since the aircraft only accommodates 80 passengers, the plane was easily filled-up. That means less waiting time for everyone.

SkyJet Airlines - Batanes - Transitions Lens

SkyJet Airlines uses a fleet of British Aerospace Jets (BAE-146 series 100). It is the same jet aircraft of choice by British Royal Family due to its Short Take-Off/Landing (STOL) which is perfect and ideal for Philippines’ small island airports with short runways. Powered by jet-engines, our 75-minute flight was smooth and relaxing. Not only that. A jet has a stronger chance of withstanding the very unpredictable Batanes weather, which means less probability of flight cancellations compared to a turboprop aircraft. And since we were seated right by the plane’s wings, it is said to be the strongest part of the aircraft with the least amount of turbulence felt.

SkyJet Airlines - Batanes - Transitions Lens

It goes without saying that I had an awesome experience flying via SkyJet Airlines going to Batanes. Hopefully this won’t be the last time!

What to Expect at SkyJet Airlines:

  • Snacks on-board
  • 5kg. hand-carry allowance

SkyJet Airlines - Batanes - Transitions Lens

SkyJet Airlines flies from Manila Domestic Airport (NAIA Terminal 4) 4x a week (M-W-F-Sun) from Manila to Basco Batanes. Other destinations are: Busuanga (Coron) and Caticlan (Boracay).

SkyJet Airlines - Batanes - Transitions Lens

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ASENA Office:
Unit 08 Aseana One, Bradco Ave.,
Paranaque City
T: (02) 886-1786
E: [email protected]

Manila Domestic Airport:
Parking A, Terminal 4, NAIA Complex,
Brgy. 191, Pasay City
T: (02) 823-3366

Basco Office:
National Road cor. Santana Street
Brgy. Kaychanarianan Basco, Batanes
C: 0917-8537430

Twitter and Instagram: @skyjetairlines


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