Premium HyC150: A handy hydration kit for today’s global traveler

Blogging has brought me to various places and for the past months I have been in and out of the country continuously. My trips would normally have intervals of 2 months. But when the schedule is terribly tight (and it does happen!), I’m sometimes out on a trip 3x a month – with just a few days notice per trip. Quite tiring, right? Even stressful, I must admit. But traveling even for work gives me a certain high. As a BS Tourism graduate, apart from wanting to explore beyond the Philippines, it has been a dream of mine to travel all the 81 provinces of our country.

Most people would know that frequent traveling takes a lot of toll on our body. I, for one, would often only get minimal sleeping hours which leaves my body dehydrated and tired. Add to that the (sometimes) not-so-healthy food that I feed myself during my travels. Haha!

Just recently, while I was on a local trip, my body’s resistance just suddenly gave up and I had to resort to supplements and vitamins to keep me going. My immune system must’ve been so low from the lack of sleep and rest.

Good thing I tend to be an “obsessive compulsive” (OC) when it comes to travel necessities and extra knick-knacks. That meant I was armed and ready with my trusty medicine pouch which is packed with essential medicines and supplements.

And ever since I’ve started taking and depending on Premium HyC150, I make sure it goes with me anywhere and everywhere.

Premium HyC150

What is Premium HyC150?

Premium HyC150 is a supplement drink that contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and ubiquinol and fortified with vitamin C, biotin, elastin and pearl coix. These ingredients ensure that my body is supplied with the right nutrients that will help prevent sagging, cell damage and system injury. It also protects my body from harmful toxins, and boosts my body’s energy for the demands of my work. Premium HyC150 is what I would consider to be the perfect sidekick for a person like me who’s always on-the-go!
The Premium HyC150 comes in sachets, making it very convenient and easy to bring with me along.

Premium HyC150

In the morning, I take 1 packet of Premium HyC150 and mix it with 8oz cold water before having breakfast. You can also mix it with your favorite drink or even with yogurt or cereal. It actually tastes like skim milk which is something that I enjoy drinking.

Premium HyC150

Whether you’re a backpacker who travels light or goes around with a large suitcase, Premium HyC150 is never a hassle to bring along. And because it is a nutritional supplement, it is guaranteed safe and not prohibited in any place you plan to go.

Fine Japan Co. Ltd., a 40-year-old wellness company that has been manufacturing nutraceutical products, has come up with this supplemental drink that is perfect for travelers.

During our food crawl in Hong Kong just recently, Premium HyC150 most definitely helped to keep me going. It supplies me with much needed hyaluronic acid for superior skin hydration and collagen. Because without proper care, our skin will easily break out especially during frequent sun exposures. I don’t want to end up looking stressed out especially when my photo is taken. I want to have that youthful and radiant glow in every snap! Who doesn’t? 🙂

We have to take care of our bodies in order to fully enjoy our travels and to be able to continue doing what we truly love. Taking Premium HyC150 regularly is a major step towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

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Premium HyC150

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Premium HyC150 is available at and at selected Watsons stores nationwide.

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  1. i got stress from working at home and doing some domestic duties. i absolutely need this for me to have a more youthful glow.

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