EcoGreen Campus in Gangwon-do, South Korea

EcoGreen Campus or Samyang Ranch is located 1,000 feet above sea level in Gangwon-do. It offers a wide variety of sceneries and wildlife attractions.

EcoGreen Campus - AirAsia - South Korea

EcoGreen Campus came to life when the founder made the effort to feed the hungry civilians and revive the Korean economy through the livestock industry. Not a strand of grass was seen at the plateau of Daegwallyeong back then and yet green pastures and livestock were created to eventually become the biggest framework in Asia’s agriculture.

EcoGreen Campus – Beauty and Nature

EcoGreen Campus - AirAsia - South Korea

The vast grasslands of EcoGreen Campus allow for free-range cows to roam. These cows eat better and roam freely, making them healthier.

EcoGreen Campus - AirAsia - South Korea

Since 2011, EcoGreen Campus has been aiming to construct a strong foundation for a free-range livestock farm, to grow natural and organic produce for mankind.You will also see a herd of sheep feeding on organic grass land.
EcoGreen Campus - AirAsia - South Korea

There’s 53 wind-powered generators that provide electricity to 50K households which make up 60% of the Gangneung population.

EcoGreen Campus - AirAsia - South Korea

Go up the Dong Hae Observatory of EcoGreen Campus which is about 1,140 feet above sea level to get a nice view of Gangneung & Jumunjin cities as well as Dong Hae (East Sea). Enjoy the cold wind and take lots of pictures. Lots!

EcoGreen Campus - AirAsia - South Korea

If you’re familiar with Korean drama and television shows, you’d be amused to know that EcoGreen Campus was also the location where Taegukgi, Welcome to Dongmakgol, Beethoven Virus, Windstruck, and Lover’s Concerto were all filmed. Such a lovely place to be at!

South Korea

At EcoGreen Campus, you will also find the Windville Cheese Factory which is part of the Daekwallyeong Uiyaji Farm Village.

South Korea

The Windville Cheese Factory which opened in 2006 has attracted both local and international tourists as well. This was the place where we learned how to make cheese using top-grade fresh milk from Daekwallyeong Highlands. They extract the fresh milk from cows at 6AM daily.

South Korea

This cheese that we made has almost the same consistency of tofu and cream cheese.

South Korea

I thought it was difficult, but with the proper ingredients and when you listen carefully to the instructions, it’s actually quite easy.

South Korea

We used organic ingredients in the making our cheese.

South Korea
South Korea  South Korea
South Korea

Team effort with Mr. Park of Korea Tourism Organization Manila, Melo Villareal and my husband Chuckie.

South Korea

And after all the pressing to drain the liquid off of the cheese, our dairy creation is ready to be revealed!

South Korea

Voila! Look how pretty our cheese is! It looks beautiful enough to eat. Haha!

South Korea

Each group was given crackers, jam and a bottle of wine to pair with the cheese.

South Korea

As they say, the proof of the pudding (or in this case, the cheese) is in the tasting!

South Korea

That’s some really good cheese we made there!

EcoGreen Campus is also known for organic strawberries, cabbage, carrots and more. And before we left, we were each given our own organic strawberry jam.

‘Twas a wonderful experience to be able to make your own cheese and to see the beauty of EcoGreen Campus.

Special thanks to Korea Tourism Organization and AirAsia for making this Eco Green Campus Tour as well as our entire trip possible.

Contact Details

EcoGreen Campus
708-9, Kkotbadyangji-gil, Daegwallyeong-myeon,
Gangwon-do, Korea
T: 033)335-5044
F: 033)335-5046

Windville Cheese Factory
Gangwon-do Pyeongchang-gun
Hoenggye-ri 141
T: +82)33-336-8832 / +82)10-8787-2298
F: +82)33-336-5853
E: [email protected]

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