Mister Donut TriNoma is now open!

Good news to all my readers residing in the north! Mister Donut TriNoma just recently opened!

The grand opening of the donut chain’s biggest store in the Philippines was met with much enthusiasm and fanfare.

Mister Donut Trinoma

And with much anticipation and excitement during the opening day of Mister Donut TriNoma, customers lined up even before the store opened at 10am.

Mister Donut Trinoma

Amazing treats for Mister Donut TriNoma fans

Avid fans of Mister Donut didn’t mind waiting as Mister Donut TriNoma gave away a six-month supply of half-a-dozen Bavarian donuts to the first 5 visitors, while the first 300 customers got 2 free Glazed Pon De rings. What a treat!

Aside from their well-loved donuts, the All-Day Breakfast line and pancakes are available for customers to enjoy at Mister Donut TriNoma. Don’t forget to order a cuppa joe! Mister Donut is famous for their delicious coffee… but I guess you knew that already! 🙂

Mister Donut Trinoma

Mister Donut Trinoma

The star of the day is actually the Pon De Ring in different flavorful variants. I, myself, am a fan of Mister Donut’s Pon De Rings. Whenever I pass by their Greenhills branch, I always get a box of them to take home to my family.

Mister Donut Trinoma

The popular donut shop has evolved to meet the demands of the ever-evolving taste of Filipino consumers.

Mister Donut TriNoma is definitely bigger than the usual. Plenty of space to move around, more chairs and tables… It is definitely cozier and comfier. Plus the counter is positioned at the center making it more convenient for ordering customers. This way, people can simply circle around it when the queue gets long.

Mister Donut Trinoma

The way I see it, Mister Donut TriNoma’s opening is a sign of good things to come for this donut chain and is most definitely something to look forward to. The new store concept is a welcome development to us fans and loyalists alike. And with more food items being offered, foodies will get to indulge in more exciting treats while enjoying them in a relaxed and laid back environment.

What else is there to say? Best to head on over to Mister Donut Trinoma whether you’re in the area or not and have your delicious fill!

Mister Donut Trinoma

Ground Floor TriNoma Mall,
North Avenue, Quezon City
Twitter and Instagram: @misterdonut_ph


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