AcneCare Soap, AcneCare Acne Drying Lotion and AcneCare Anti-Acne Complex

During my puberty stage, I didn’t have to worry about pimples or breakouts. Call it luck, I guess. Or maybe because our family’s skin has always been pimple-free. So, I have a lot to thank for our good genes. BUT! During my early twenties, I started getting pimples but still not a lot. It would usually come out during “red flag” days.

Now that I’m in my late 30’s, sadly, I’ve been having breakouts. In fact, I have one on the chin right now as I write. I sometimes also have a couple on the forehead and a little red dot on the nose. Chalk it up to being such a late bloomer! I kind of noticed that I get these after coming home from local trips where the weather is hot, humid or dusty. So, whenever I travel, I make sure that I am always equipped to battle zits. I bring a bar of AcneCare soap and AcneCare Acne Drying Lotion as these products have been tried and tested by my husband and my son as of late. It works for them and for me.

Let me tell you about the benefits of these products and why my family are avid users of it.

AcneCare Soap (Php149.00 SRP)

AcneCare Soap - AcneCare Acne Drying Lotion - AcneCare Anti-Acne Complex

AcneCare soap has:

  • Bio-Sulfur – helps reduce skin oiliness and prevent pore blockage from forming.
  • Tea Tree Oil – contains Terpenoids which have been clinically proven to have antiseptic, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.
  • Ace-B3 – a potent combination of Aloe Vera Extract (skin moisturizing & protection), Vitamin C (helps protect against photo-damage), Vitamin E (free radical defense) and Niacinamide B3 (Skin clarifying and lightening).

We all know that Tea Tree oil is really good for treating infections such as acne, fungal infections, athlete’s foot and a whole lot more. I used to buy bottles of tea tree oil from a beauty store and use it whenever I have breakouts. So, seeing that this ingredient is included in AcneCare soap, I pretty much knew that my face is in good hands. I like that this product is fragrance-free and gentle. Perfect for everyday use.

AcneCare Soap

How To Use:

Use AcneCare Soap the same way you would a regular soap. Use daily for face and body. Work up a lather and leave for 2-3 minutes before rinsing.
For external use only.

AcneCare Soap

AcneCare Acne Drying Lotion


AcneCare Acne Drying Lotion is a topical medication that works wonders! When you use it in the evening, you’ll immediately notice the next day that the inflamed pimple has subsided. A fast acting and effective acne spot solution for all skin types and a perfect partner of AcneCare Soap.

How To Use:

Dip the cotton swab in the pink solution, dab it on the affected area and let it dry overnight. Wash off in the morning.

AcneCare Soap

Another supplement that will help you eliminate those frustrating breakouts is the AcneCare Anti-Acne Complex.

AcneCare Anti-Acne Complex (Php885.00 SRP)

AcneCare Soap

AcneCare Anti-Acne Complex is the first oral pill for acne in the Philippines. It is FDA approved (FR# 76392) and made of natural ingredients. It contains three potent skin medicines to bring you: Acne3 Complex:

  • Lactoferrin – a natural protein complex derived from milk. It plays a supportive role in nourishing the skin from the inside in 3 ways: Anti-Microbial (enhances the body’s natural defenses against bacteria), Anti-Inflammatory (Helps assist reduction in redness usually associated with poor complexion), and Antioxidant (Helps aid in the repair of damaged skin cells from blemishes).
  • Linumlife Complex – provides lignans from Flax, a well-recognized group of phytoestrogens with estrogenic and anti-estrogenic action. Ligans help in the treatment of acne.
  • Zinc Gluconate Zinc – facilitates the production and, more importantly, the regulation of about 200 hormones in your body – one being testosterone. It is known fact that testosterone is one of the main promoters of acne. The intake of zinc may prevent potential hormone imbalances that can lead to outbreaks.

Also, Zinc, which is closely involved in protein synthesis and in collagen formation in your body, can help heal blemishes, minimize inflammation, and reduce the androgenic effect of hormones on the skin.

Recommended Use:
Take 2 capsules daily before bedtime or as directed by a healthcare professional.
This is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women. Consult your doctor before using this product if you are taking prescription drugs or are under medication.
Packaging: 1 bottle of 30 capsules.

I suggest you give it a try and see for yourself.

AcneCare Soap, AcneCare Anti-Acne Complex and AcneCare Acne Drying Lotion are available at:

  • Mercury Drugstores
  • Watsons
  • SouthStar Drugstores


Exclusively Distributed by:
Mindanao Ave., Quezon City
Text Hotline: 0928-6652646
Twitter and Instagram: @acnecarebeauty


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    Where can i buy acne care soap here in bukidnon?

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    1. claudine britania says: Reply

      may available po ba na acne drying lotion sa southstar drug stores here sa garcia ?I need your comment back .Asap!

  8. Acne care nga… Aalagaan talaga acne mo… Palalaguin pa….
    So frustrated using the product… Lalo lumala mga pimples q….

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