Come visit the Nutella Pop-Up Store at Landmark, Trinoma!

Who doesn’t love Nutella? I do! This hazelnut chocolate spread is just addicting that sometimes I have to consciously remind myself that I am consuming too much already.

I usually spread it on toasted bread or crackers. Sometimes I add a scoop or two into my hot milk. Yup! That’s how good Nutella is! I’m sure many of you will agree!

So, for Nutella fanatics like me, you’d be extremely happy to know that there is a Nutella pop-up store which is open for a limited time only!

Nutella Pop-Up Store - Landmark

Sweet treats at the Nutella Pop-Up Store

The Nutella Pop-Up Store can be found at the Landmark Complex Supermarket Level 1 (Near MRT & North Ave. Entrances) until October 18, 2015!

.*It’s the new Landmark wing in Trinoma. It’s actually a shortcut from MRT to North Avenue.

Can’t make it to the Nutella Pop-Up Store anytime soon? Don’t fret! Due to public demand, its limited run has been extended until October 20! Great news, right?

Nutella Pop-Up Store - Landmark

But there’s more, the Nutella Pop-Up Store is giving away some premium items, too!

Nutella Pop-Up Store - Landmark

Freebies and cool stuff at the Nutella Pop-Up Store

For every Nutella 200g, you get a FREE Bread Spreader.

The first 200 customers to purchase a Nutella 375g, gets a FREE Half Loaf of Gardenia bread.

For every Nutella 680g, you get a FREE Nutella Stocking.

Each Php500 worth of purchase entitles a buyer to win either one of the following: Nutella Tub Jar, Nutella Shopping Bag or Nutella Portion Pack.

See?! Now you know why the Nutella Pop-Up Store is a must visit while its open!

Nutella Pop-Up Store - Landmark

Don’t waste precious time. Drop by the Nutella Pop-Up store and to get some sweet treats and that oh so delicious Nutella goodness!

See you there and don’t delay! Remember, this happens for a limited time only. Bring your friends and family!


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