Niu by Vikings Up in Cloud 9 – Great dishes for their first year an-NIU-versary

This October, let Niu by Vikings take you Up in Cloud 9!

9 signature dishes.

9 dishes that will surely blow you away.

And 9 dishes prepared with flair and charisma.

So much to enjoy at the Niu by Vikings Up In Cloud 9 celebration

Caprese Mouse and Avocado-Shrimp Panna Cotta

Niu's first an-NIU-versary

Cold Drunken Chicken

Niu's first an-NIU-versary

Truffled Cream of Pumpkin and Shrimp

Niu's first an-NIU-versary

Anything with truffle is wonderful. My happiness in a cup! This soup in milk froth is just absolutely dreamy, making me wish it was served in a bigger cup. 😉

Supreme Mushrooms Bean Curd Skin Roll

Niu's first an-NIU-versary

Braised mushrooms wrapped in bean curd skin. Simple but satisfying.

Oysters and Pearls

Niu's first an-NIU-versary

Poached in white wine cream and lumpfish caviar with molecular noodle-fied (Yes! Noodle-fied!) wine. Despite the other flavors evident in the dish, the oyster still remained the star. Also, when you bite into the caviar, it releases a deliciously briny flavor. Yum!

Tuna Teriyaki Salad

Niu's first an-NIU-versary

A treat for seafood and vegetable lovers. The mixed greens in malt vinaigrette is the perfect accompaniment.

Salmon Chahan

Niu's first an-NIU-versary

This Niu by Vikings Up in Cloud 9 dish is actually one complete meal! The sweet and salty Saba Nitsuke has a hint of ginger giving off a fresh note. The buta kakuni which is wrapped around the asparagus is somewhat sweet, complimenting the flavor of the fish. Take a little of each ingredient and eat it all together to fully enjoy the umami taste of this dish.

Braised Pork Loin in Malt Liquor

Niu's first an-NIU-versary

This delightful Niu by Vikings Up in Cloud 9 offering is truly one flavorful dish! It has white wine and red wine jello which enhances flavor and adds aesthetic. And the fruit compote that comes with it is meant to cut off the richness.

Lamb Caldereta

Niu's first an-NIU-versary

I didn’t feel like eating lamb at all! This was truly a revelation! The sauce has a nice solid flavor, the meat was tender, the sliced Edam added to the dish was perfect, and the risotto that was intentionally bland fit in perfectly. A dish that definitely deserves seconds when you come over and try the Niu by Vikings Up in Cloud 9 dishes.

Cheesecake Soufflé

Niu's first an-NIU-versary

This dessert sent me straight to the moon! The cheesecake is light and the tablea mousse just melted beautifully.

Niu by Vikings Up in Cloud 9

When the souffle gets a bit too much (which I doubt!), let the tropical fruit salsa that comes along with the dish to rescue your palate from the load.

Niu by Vikings Up in Cloud 9

The Niu by Vikings Up in Cloud 9 menu is available for a limited time only from October 19-27, 2015.

Don’t let this Niu by Vikings promo pass!

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