Cookin’ up lots of laughs at Cookin’ Nanta in Seoul!

Cookin' Nanta

During our 5th day in Korea, watching the Cookin’ Nanta show was part of our itinerary.

Cookin' Nanta

Cookin’ Nanta is filled with fun music, mayhem and mischief!

At first, I thought it was just one of those ordinary musical plays. But when I read the pamphlet, it got me excited. Sadly, taking photos during the program is strictly prohibited.

Cookin’ Nanta isn’t your ordinary theatre play. It is a non-verbal performance with Korea’s traditional rhythm – Samulnori. It is purely music and motions. The performers use kitchen utensils as their musical instruments. From frying pans to water bottles to chopping boards! The kitchen is thrown into turmoil and the cooks become wild as they chop, beat and stir.

Cookin' Nanta

Cookin’ Nanta has only 5 characters: Manager, Head Chef, Nephew, Sexy Guy and the only rose among the thorns – Hot Sauce.The story is about 3 cooks busy preparing in the kitchen when the bad-tempered manager suddenly appears. He orders everyone to prepare for a wedding at 6 o’clock that same day. Not only are the cooks caught off-guard… the manager brings in his nephew, asking the cooks to teach him how to prep and cook, too!

And while the premise of the show seems simple, it is in how the entire story unfolds and how each scene is performed that makes Cookin’ Nanta a true masterpiece.

Cookin' Nanta

To double the fun, the audience is encouraged to participate. For example, the bride and groom for the traditional Korean wedding scene in the program is picked from the unsuspecting audience. I actually learned this first hand as I was suddenly asked up on stage to play the bride! It’s seems that Jennifer (our tour guide) was in on the plot and planned this fun surprise. Hahaha! No problem! I’m always game for some good fun!

Cookin' Nanta

So when you are in Seoul, try to watch the Cookin’ Nanta show at the Myeong Dong Nanta Theatre.If you aren’t flying to Korea anytime soon, don’t fret! You’re still in luck because Cookin’ Nanta will be performing at the Solaire Theatre this November 2015!

Cookin' Nanta

Cookin’ Nanta

Myeong Dong NANTA Theatre
Unesco Building 3F, 50-14, Myeong Dong 2 Ga, Jung Gu, Seoul
Schedule: Mon~Fri, Sun & Holiday 17:00, 20:00 | Sat 14:00,17:00,20:00

Special thanks to Korea Tourism Organization and AirAsia for making this South Korea trip possible.


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