Korean Folk Village in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

During our South Korea sojourn, we were able to see the Korean Folk Village in the Gyeonggi Province.

Korean Folk Village - Gyeonggi-do - South Korea

The Korean Folk Village in Gyeonggi-do is about 40 years old built to show the Korean culture to future generations – It is to incorporate present and future traditions.

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit the Korean Folk Village in Gyeonggi-do:

1. New and Varied Traditions

It offers various unique hands-on programs related to traditional culture, such as historical dramas and folk games. The Korean Folk Village (KFV) also organizes events and activities with diverse themes and concepts reinterpreted to reflect our times.

Folk Village

2. Experience a Time Travel Adventure

Real houses from across the country were relocated and restored to create a replica of a village from the late Joseon period. Events celebrating seasonal changes and traditional performances will provide a feast for your eyes and ears.

This village is set-up in a natural environment occupying approximately 245 acres. You can see over 260+ traditional houses reminiscent of the late Joseon Dynasty.

South Korea

This is a middle class farmer’s house in the southern part with spacious rooms and wooden floors.

You’ll also see restored household items. These items will give you an understanding of the Korean culture.

South Korea

South Korea

South Korea

Folk Village - South Korea

Folk Village - South Korea

3. Touch and Feel! Live Traditional Experiences

The programs incorporate a variety of hands-on activities related to Korean arts and culture, ranging from daily life experiences, folk games, and handicraft workshops along with a One-Day Field Trip program and Certificate Training Program for Youth.

When we were there, there were children from different schools which I am guessing were having their respective field trips. It was so nice to see so much passion in educating the kids about their own culture.

Folk Village - South Korea

An artisan who twists straws the traditional way to make straw shoes at the Straw Shoes Workshop.

Folk Village - South Korea

There are stalls selling handicraft items made by skilled artisans, too.

Folk Village - South Korea

Experience being tied on punishment tools and prison cells.

Folk Village - South Korea

4. Traditional Culture Theme Park Full of Excitement

The recreational facilities in the KFV are perfect for families and children. You can also visit other entertaining destinations such as the Horror Themed Exhibition and Haunted House, where you can see all kinds of ghosts from folklore and local legends.

5. Orthodox and Healthy Delicious Korea

Regional specialties from across the country are served in the Street Market which was made to recreate the original appearance of street markets in the Joseon period. Every dish is prepared in an authentic Korean home style using only natural seasonings.

Folk Village in South Korea

She is making Seafood with Green Onion Pancake.

At the Korean Folk Village in Gyeonggi-do, you will feel closer to the Korean tradition. We also saw a Korean guy who was making a cover for the Onggi (jar) in time for the winter season.

Folk Village in South Korea

And when the jar cover is done, it looks like this.

Folk Village in South Korea

They also have a Kimchi House to bury the kimchi before winter to keep it safe from the freezing cold.

Folk Village in South Korea

By the entrance, there’s a Totem Pole. During the olden times, people would build these poles as their guardian deity to protect them from evil spirits. The characters on these poles were in written using Chinese characters until 1443.

Folk Village in South Korea

This WanHyangRoo is a place to relax while enjoying the cool breeze and listening to the rustling of the leaves. A beautiful spot to have a quick respite or for taking beautiful photos.

Folk Village in South Korea

Being at the Korean Folk Village in Gyeonggi-do is like entering an open-air living museum. You will be able to learn a lot about Korean culture from past and present. Korean Folk Village in Gyeonggi-do is also home to a lot of filming of Korea’s famous dramas or Koreanovelas.

Korean Folk Village - Gyeonggi-do - South Korea


February – April
Weekday: 0930H-1800H
Holiday: 0930H – 1830H

May – September
Weekday: 0930H – 1830H
Holiday: 0930H – 1900H

Weekday: 0930H – 1800H
Holiday: 0930H – 1830H

November – January
Weekday: 0930H – 1730H
Holiday: 0930H – 1800H


From Jongno, Seoul Station and Myeong-dong
5500-1 | Jongno 2-ga, Seoul Station Bus Stop, Myeong-dong Kookmin Bank, Sungnyemun Gate – get off at the KFV Station

From Gangnam Station
5001-1 | Gangnam Station and Sinnonhyeon Station – get off at the Nagokmaul KVF Station
1560 | Gangnam Station and Sinnonhyeon Station – get off at the KFV Station – turn right at the three-way intersection and proceed 450 meters

From Suwon and Sanggal Stations
37 | Get off at the KFV (last station)
10-5, 30 | Get off at the Nagokmaul KFV Station

Contact Details

90 Minsokchon-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
For Inquiries:
1330 Travel Hotline: +82-31-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
For more info: +82-31-288-0000

Special thanks to Korea Tourism Organization and AirAsia for making this Korean Folk Village Tour as well as our entire trip possible.


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