Revisiting beautiful Boracay

Going back to Boracay has proven to be quite tedious to work out. I had to check all possible available schedules since this getaway was supposed to be for my dad who was vacationing for a short time in the Philippines from the US. Unfortunately, his plans suddenly changed last minute.

I even asked myself if we should still push through with the trip or not? I realized with or without my dad, we should go on with the trip for my kids. I didn’t want to disappoint them and besides, they’re the ones who matter the most to me anyway.

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

And away we go!

Hello again, Boracay!

Boracay may not be as pretty, as clean and as serene as it used to be back in the day, but there’s still a lot of beauty to appreciate.

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

This island has one of the most beautiful sunsets.

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

A place with one of the finest powdery white grains of sand.

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

Filipinos are known to provide warm hospitality which is a trait that most foreigners admire – a wonderful character that can also be found with the management and staff of our host hotel, Boracay Tropics who were very welcoming and gracious.

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

Even if we’ve been to this beautiful place before, I am still mesmerized and captivated by its charm. No doubt, Boracay is beautiful. It is because of this that I wish we could all be more responsible in taking care of this tiny island that we Filipinos take so much pride in. The way this island is being managed now, I sincerely doubt we’ll be able to keep its beauty for the next generation to see and appreciate.

It was hot and sunny during most of the days we were here. There were a few short showers in the afternoon but not enough to dampen your plans.

The weather during the second day of our stay was perfect for the beach. It was sunny and there weren’t a whole lot of people around.

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

My family even got to play water frisbee!

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

I, on the other hand, worked on in getting my tan!

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

My husband even got to enjoy the cool waters.

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

Apart from trying to get some tan, my son even enjoyed a little babe watching, too! LOL!

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

Also, it was Tintin’s first time to be in Boracay. Tintin has been with our family for 10 years already and taking her with us was our little way of saying thank you.

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

My daughter even planned out something really cute for the both of us. She brought along 2 sets of bathing suits – mine and hers. 11 years ago we wore the same sets of 2-piece outfits but now that she’s bigger, we decided to switch sets. Amusing, right?

Mother and daughter

During our Boracay sojourn, my two grown-ups were quite particular in the food they wanted to eat. They wanted to eat what we had during our last visit…

Like the Chori Burger and Sloppy Joe from this joint along Station 2. Not sure if it was the same joint where we got our Chori Burgers before but it was ok.

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

And the delicious Calamansi Muffin from Real Coffee which is now located towards the end of Station 2.

Real Coffee

There are actually soooo many food choices now in Boracay. The food spots that you enjoy going to in Manila can now be seen here as well. Establishments like Project Pie to Johnny Rockets and so much more.Of course, D’Mall is still there. It’s a great place to find all sorts of treats and knick knacks as well as quick delicious snacks.

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

The d*wall was still there. I remember my daughter trying it 3 years ago. Look at her… she’s still at it!

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia

It’s always nice to get away once in a while, whether just local or international. Traveling offers much sought after time away from work, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and away from stresses that come along with it. Traveling is especially enjoyable when you are with the people you love.

So, whether you are on vacation to celebrate a special occasion or for that much needed break, take each day with a smile and enjoy every single moment.

Boracay - Boracay Tropics - AirAsia
Traveling gives you a different perspective in life that can never be learned through books alone.

So, go ahead… travel and explore.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank my new travel partner, Bonne Amie.

Bonne Amie has been providing me with cute and comfy flats for my travels. The price per pair won’t even break the bank!

Bonne Amie

I recommend these Bonne Amie “Yna” flats which I brought to my recent trip to Boracay. It’s made of soft leather and tri-coat foam making it cozy to wear. And oh! It’s proudly Marikina made!

Bonne Amie

I also used this comfortable and eye-candy Amber Metallic flats which are really made for walking!

Bonne Amie

It pays to wear comfortable shoes when traveling.

Bonne Amie

That pretty much wraps up my Boracay trip! Do check back for more travel posts as I will be chronicling my recent visit to the land of Kimchi and K-Pop soon!

Special thanks to AirAsia, Boracay Tropics Resort and Southwest Tours Boracay, Inc. for making this trip possible.

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