The Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival

Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival

My mom makes the best Sukiyaki and I don’t think I can ever top that! Since she’s out of the country, I find myself longing for her cooking. So, when I’m craving for some, I usually dine out just to satisfy my hunger. But it usually hit or miss when looking for a place that serves good Sukiyaki! Good thing Osaka Ohsho now serves great tasting Sukiyaki. Unfortunately, they’re only offering this for a limited time only. So, I’ve been going out of my way to enjoy it as much as I can.

Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival

This rainy season, Osaka Ohsho is in a Sukiyaki State of Mind with their NEW “Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival”.

Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival

We all know that Osaka Ohsho is Japan’s renowned “King of Gyoza” and with this new offering, they have once again created a marriage of incredible flavors.

Come to the Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival

For seafood lovers, the Asari Gyoza Sukiyaki Soup (Php280.00) is a must try!

Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival

This variant has 3 pcs. Nori Gyoza, ocean fresh clams, vermicelli rice noodles and leeks that have been simmered in a clear clam broth enriched with fresh Japanese Miso. The nori’s saline taste, clams and Japanese Miso all work well together. And because the entire dish is pretty light, you won’t hate yourself after eating it.

Gyoza Chicken Sukiyaki Soup (Php290.00)

Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival

This offering is packed with 3 pcs. Original Gyoza, boneless chicken chunks and vermicelli rice noodles plus shiitake mushrooms which add texture and a delicious flavor.

It has mixed vegetables, too, to complete a healthy soup dish. This one is simmered in a flavorful Japanese miso soup base as well.

For non-soup base dish, I suggest you try the Chicken Karaage Toji Set (Php395.00).

You get soup, gyoza, a bowl of rice, chicken karaage and dessert. Normally Chicken Karaage is served crunchy, so you might be a little surprised to find that Osaka Ohsho’s version isn’t.

Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival

The chicken is doused with sauce and egg making it kind of mushy but it has a nice solid flavor that might make you want to have more rice. When you’re done eating the chicken, put your remaining rice on the sauce and mix it together. Yum! A must try when you come to the Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival.

For your drinks, try the Mango Yakult and Milk Tea.

Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival

These NEW offerings of the Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival are perfect for the rainy season. So, head on over to Osaka Ohsho at the 3rd level of SM Mega Fashion Hall. Don’t wait too long because as I’ve said, this is only being offered for a limited time!


Osaka Ohsho Sukiyaki Festival

Osaka Ohsho is founded in Osaka Japan in 1969 and is renowned as Japan’s #1 gyoza specialist with over 380 stores in Japan currently. Now present in Thailand, Singapore, Shanghai China, Korea, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.
Instagram: @OsakaOhshoPH


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