The Vikings Loyalty Card – Get more points and perks!

Vikings Loyalty Card

If you’re someone who loves to eat out just like me and my family, I have great news for you! The Vikings Loyalty Card has just been launched!

Vikings Loyalty Card

Grab the Vikings Loyalty Card

You can now earn and redeem points whenever you dine at any branch of Vikings Luxury Buffet, Four Seasons Hotpot and of course Niu by Vikings! The Vikings Loyalty Card is Vikings amazing way of thanking its customers for their continuous patronage. Sweet, right?If you are interested in availing the Vikings Loyalty Card, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Vikings customers may purchase loyalty card at a price of P300 per card and must input up-to-date details about the member online at the application and/or website link provided.
  • A member must be at least 13 years old.
  • All members are obliged to keep their information file up-to-date by reporting any change in name, address, status and other data using the Member Data Update Form online. Verbal notification is not valid.
  • If card has remained inactive, this would mean non-earning of points, for 12 consecutive months will result for non-renewal and cancellation of Vikings Card.

Members must reach the following points in order to maintain from their current status or upgrade to the next tier level:
Basic Level: 0 – 999 points
Silver Level: 1000 – 1500 points
Gold Level: 1,501 and above

How to earn points:
Members can earn 1 Loyalty and Redemption point for every P100 spent by dining at Vikings and its affiliates and subsidiaries.

How to redeem points and availing of perks and privileges:

  • To redeem points, the member simply must present their card to the Vikings employee and have their card or tag scanned by the machine. Machine will ask cardholder to input his/her 6-digit pin to prove his/her identity.

– The member must have at least a minimum of 20 points equivalent to P20 in order to begin redemption.
– Points posted online are points available for redemption.

  • Vikings Loyalty Card must be activated to enable point redemption.
  • Upon redemption, one (1) Redemption Point is equivalent to P1.
  • Points can’t be redeemed with promotions or discounts that requires one or more full paying adults.
  • When redeeming, points will only be deducted from your total available Redemption Points; Loyalty Points will be not deducted since it’s used for status upgrades, renewal and maintenance.
  • There are no redemption fees involved in any redemption.
  • Points reflected online in the Vikings Loyalty Program shall be deemed correct and Vikings has the exclusive right to determine the points to be redeemed by the member.
  • Under no circumstances can the points be transferred, refunded or sold. These points are also not interchangeable for other rewards or privileges unless stated by Vikings.
  • Missing and invalid points or any disputes related to award points must be reported no later than 6 months from the transaction date for the issue to be resolved. Resolution will be subject to the standard investigation procedures of Vikings.
  • By redeeming points, the member has agreed to release Vikings from any liabilities, claims, suits or whatever nature (and issue) that might arise from or in connection with the use and redemption of the pointsTo redeem perks and privileges, the member’s card whose name appears on the card reader must simply follow the instructions indicated on each voucher and certificate.
  • Vikings will not be held liable for any perks and privileges not being available or being withdrawn for any reason whatsoever by Vikings and its partners.
  • In the event that the Vikings Loyalty Card is not accepted or honored by any merchant partners for any reason, the member shall direct any complains of the said matter to the relevant merchant partners, without Vikings incurring any liability from the complain.
  • All costs, charges, taxes, or liabilities in availing the perks and privileges shall be charged to the cardholder member.
  • Discounts in perks and privileges can’t be used in conjunction with in house discounts or promotions.

Point Currency:
Earning: P100 spent = 1 Loyalty and Redemption Point Earned
Redemption: P1 = 1 Redemption Point

Perks and Privileges:

Vikings Loyalty Card

*1 week birthday promo flexibility: 3 days before and 3 days after actual day of birthday.

** 2 weeks birthday promo flexibility: 7 days before and 7 days after actual day of birthday.

Check out the video below:

For additional information on the Vikings Loyalty Card, check out or visit your nearest Vikings Luxury Buffet, Four Seasons Hotpot and of course Niu by Vikings branch.


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