CroNaps – A delicious lovechild between a croissant and a napoleones!


Even before I got married to my husband who hails from Bacolod, I have already been a Napoleones lover. I love its sweetness and flakiness. My husband on the other hand goes crazy over croissant. The freshly baked ones in particular with lots of butter.

Though similar in certain characteristics yet still very much distinct in many qualities, it would be fun to know what a lovechild of a Croissant and a Napoleones would look (and taste) like if they ever had one!

Well, wonder no more because Chef Cyrille Soenen came up with a delicious answer – CroNaps!

The smell of the buttery goodness of freshly baked CroNaps wafting out of the box is absolutely divine!

CroNaps - Chef Cyrille Soenen

CroNaps – An instant favorite!

These CroNaps have perfectly uniformed, bite-sized shapes. You’ve got ensaymada, caramel and chocolate flavors right there.

CroNaps - Chef Cyrille Soenen

The first flavor I’ve tried is the Lemon CroNap (Php45.00).

CroNaps - Chef Cyrille Soenen

It’s got the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. This classic flavor will always win you over. Look at the layers of flaky pastry and delicious filling! It’s so good, I wish I had more than 2 thumbs to put up. Chef Cyrille did it again!

These CroNaps are guaranteed to become instant favorites! One bite and I’m sure you will agree.

I also love the other flavors of these CroNaps: Caramel, Coffee, Chocolate (at Php45.00 each) and Ensaymada (Php50.00).

CroNaps - Chef Cyrille Soenen

These CroNaps are also your perfect coffee partner. Serve it warm by popping it in the toaster oven for a few minutes or microwave oven for a few seconds.

Get a box now and be immediately hooked! Head on over to Kouign Amann by CiÇou at the 2nd Floor Bridgeway (near Bobbie Brown) of SM Megamall.

C: 0917-7900589
E: [email protected]


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2 Replies to “CroNaps – A delicious lovechild between a croissant and a napoleones!”

  1. My fave is the caramel and of course the chocolate (always!) but everything was really good! Actually Kahit straight from the ref pwede na! Cicou! You’ve done it again!

    1. Lemon, Ensaymada and Caramel are my favorites! It’s my coffee’s perfect partner! Yum!!!

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