Creating delicious memories with Mondelez!


Finding happiness in simple things is a true delight. But creating new memories with the people you love is pure joy! And that’s exactly what happened just last Friday over at The Cookery Place in BGC.

Joyful News with Mondelez - Kraft

Together with Mondelez (formerly Kraft) and a handful of friends in the blogging circle, we made delicious moments of joy by trying to copy Chef Rhenee Sy’s gastronomical creations using a variety of Mondelez products.

Joyful News with Mondelez - Kraft

The Mondelez products we used that evening are popular staples found in every Filipino household – Eden, Eden Mayo, Eden Sandwich Spread, Oreo and Tang.

Joyful News with Mondelez - Kraft

Speaking of Mondelez, there’s also Cheez Whiz, Halls, Tiger Energy Biscuits, Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk.

These trusted brands have long captured the Filipino taste and have been favorites for generations. In fact, now that I have a family of my own and run a household, I still use (and continue to trust) these wonderful products.

It’s no secret, Filipinos love to eat! More often than not, foreigners marvel at the frequency in which we have our meals in a day.
During our fun get-together, Chef Rhenee of The Cookery Place taught us how to make:

1. Oreo Polvoron

Joyful News with Mondelez - Kraft
Oreo Polvoron Ingredients
Joyful News with Mondelez - Kraft

2. Chicken Waldorf Sandwich

Joyful News with Mondelez - Kraft
Chicken Waldorf Sandwich Ingredients

3. A refreshing summer drink using Tang Dalandan

Joyful News with Mondelez - Kraft
With Mango Balls and Watermelon Slices

We were divided into 5 groups. The people included in our group were Noemi, Jane, Winston, Chuckie and Me. Noemi and Jane took care of the polvoron while Winston, Chuckie and I worked on the Chicken Waldorf Sandwich. It was an awesome team effort as we came up with these delicious treats!

Joyful News with Mondelez - Kraft

A photo of our group to capture the moment.

Joyful News with Mondelez - Kraft

Mondelez… Creating delicious moments of joy for the past 50 years.

Joyful News with Mondelez - Kraft

What is Mondelez?

Globally, the name Mondelez Philippines was chosen for the snacks company that once formed part of the former Kraft Foods. A split with the North American arm which handles the grocery portfolio in 2012 led to the creation of a new Company name – Mondel─ôz International, but with the same heritage in snack making. Mondelez Philippines is the Company name here in the country.

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