Cru Steakhouse at Marriott Manila: One in-CRu-dible dinner!

Cru Steakhouse

Want to celebrate a momentous event? Looking to impress your date? Cru Steakhouse is the perfect setting!

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

Cru Steakhouse is an uber fine dining restaurant that exudes elegance with dimly-lit red hues and earth tones.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

Several décors such as this scarlet chandelier immediately caught my eye! I even took a number of photos in different angles. It seemed as if it was mesmerizing me.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

Cru Steakhouse is spacious enough to   comfortably accommodate each guest. They also have two (2) private rooms that can take in 8 persons.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

Going all by yourself? Not a problem. The bar area allows you to hang around and enjoy a drink or two.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

For the oenophiles, Cru Steakhouse has an array of wines.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

A wall dedicated to holding bottles of wine can be seen.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

But amidst all the enthralling beauty of its interior, the flaming grill, is its focal point!

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

Positioned at the center where everyone can see it, you can easily watch steak being cooked which is all it takes to whet anyone’s appetite.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

On a date night like ours, ask for this table – our table of choice. It’s romantic and a great spot to snuggle with someone.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

After cozying up, the wait staff handed us the leather bound menu for the 3-Course dinner for two.

The 3-Course dinner included a trio of bread, amuse bouche, steak and dessert.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

Incredible food at Cru Steakhouse

The breadboard was served with 3 types of bread: Parmesan, Spinach and Tomato. Two kinds of spread came along with it: Pesto Butter and Goat Cheese garnished with red peppercorns.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

Don’t mistake that for a dried fruit! Once you bite into it, it actually gives off a nice zing that goes well with the tomato bread.

For our Amuse Bouche, we had Boneless Chicken Wing with Pineapple Salsa.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

At first, it looked OK. Then I took small scoops separately and it was fine. But when I ate it all together, that’s when I absolutely liked it! This tiny dish was bursting with flavors! The chicken was seasoned with salt and pepper to compliment the sweet-tangy flavor from the salsa. It was truly a mouth amuser signifying more of what’s to come!

Then this pretty Spinach Salad was brought in!

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

The fresh spinach was exquisitely rolled into a crispy parmesan basket. The smooth texture of the spinach and the rough-crispy feel of the parmesan basket compliment each other so well. The crumbly Bleu cheese, walnuts, orange and cherry tomato drizzled with light mustard dressing added additional delightful flavors.

And the main dish – Grilled Certified Angus Beef USDA Prime Ribeye (250g)! Each bite of the prime ribeye melted in my mouth so wonderfully! This house specialty has just the right amount of marbling. Unbelievably juicy, pliant and smoky – everything that you’d want in a steak. The sauce was good but I actually did not have to use it on my steak. I didn’t even need the Truffle Mustard sauce even if it tasted heavenly.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

You will be asked to choose from different kinds of sauces. I chose the Truffle Mustard just out of curiosity.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

For our sides, there was Potato & Onion Gratin and Grilled Portobello Mushroom both served in an iron-cast pot.

This potato dish is our favorite!

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

Not your average Potato Gratin. Cru Steakhouse’s version is to-die-for! My husband is not a fan of onions but he didn’t even notice it had some. The taste of the onions blended very well with the potatoes. Creamy and hearty potatoes that were generously served.

The Portobello Mushroom on the other hand had a nice sweet flavor that matches the gratin. Chunks of mushroom in thick semi-sweet sauce.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

The food portions at Cru Steakhouse is more than enough. If I just wasn’t too concerned about overwhelming my stomach, I would’ve wiped out everything!

Our romantic anniversary dinner ended with this heavenly White Chocolate Cheesecake with Mango Ice Cream.

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

The ice cream and the cheesecake were not overwhelmingly sweet. It was just the perfect dessert after a satisfying meal.

Cru Steakhouse also surprised us with a personalized cake with a handwritten card. How sweet! What a way to cap off our anniversary!

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

We absolutely enjoyed this lovely dinner. After dining at Cru Steakhouse, you’ll immediately understand why some a good number of people splurge just to dine here. Truth be told, Cru Steakhouse serves only the highest quality steaks – Hand cut, meticulously prepared and grilled just the way you like it.

Service is exemplary! The wait staff is competent, accommodating and knowledgeable when it comes to the dishes that they offer and serve.

Thank you, Cru Steakhouse and Marriott Hotel Manila, for truly making our anniversary an unforgettable one!

Cru Steakhouse - Marriott Hotel Manila

Special Offers

Set Menus for bookings with 12 pax and above

3 course menu:

SET A P3,300+

SET B P2,600+

4 course menu:

SET A P3,700+

SET B P4,300+

Private Luncheons – available on Mondays thru Saturdays.
Minimum of 25 persons, or;
Minimum P70,000 consumable

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Consistent inclusion at the Philippine Tatler’s Best Restaurants Guide – 2010-2014
  • Beef and Burgundy Club Philippines’ Best Restaurant of the Year – 2010 and 2012
  • Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Best Desserts – 2013
  • Eat Out Now! Manila and Cebu 180 Restaurants We Love – 2014

Operational Hours:

Sunday to Thursday, 6:00pm -10:30pm
Friday and Saturday, 6:00pm – 11:30pm

Dress Code:

Smart Casual attire; slippers and shorts are discouraged.

Contact Details
Ground Floor of Marriott Hotel Manila
No. 10 Newport Boulevard,
Newport City Complex Pasay City
Manila, Philippines – 1309
T: (632) 988-9990 local 8109


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