O’ Rice, Forum BGC: My Top 5 dishes!

O' Rice

Korean food may come off quite strong to others. But it is actually one of my favorite cuisines simply because I love spicy food. Any food with a kick, is my kind of thing. It makes me eat with more gusto and gives me a whole lot of pleasure.

Just recently, my husband and I were able to dine at O’ Rice located at the Forum in Bonifacio Global City. It is a casual Korean restaurant that serves lunch boxes, designer kimbap, noodles, rice and desserts that are friendly on the pocket and great for sharing.

O' Rice - Korean - Forum - BGC

The entire restaurant is spacious even when they’re full during peak hours. It has a very light atmosphere giving off a welcoming ambiance with bright and colorful accents that you can easily notice on the walls and ceiling.

O' Rice - Korean - Forum - BGC

If you plan on trying O’ Rice to experience their mouthwatering offerings, consider having my very own top 5 dishes which I absolutely enjoyed eating. (Warning: There are dishes not for the faint of heart. 🙂

My O’ Rice personal picks

Army Base Stew* (Php698.00)

O' Rice - Korean - Forum - BGC

An entire meal in itself that can be shared by 2-3 persons. Served with a table top burner to keep the soup warm throughout the duration of your meal, this stew is packed with sausages, ham, ground pork, beans, tofu, vegetables, macaroni and noodles. The deliciously spicy kick made me keep on eating and eating and eating. The smell of the soup is so inviting. The Army Base Stew is an explosion of flavors playing inside my mouth.

Chicken Popcorn with Beer* (Php248.00)

O' Rice - Korean - Forum - BGC

Crunchy bite-sized thigh fillets coated with sweet and spicy sauce topped with crushed peanuts. Amusingly, I didn’t even notice the flavor of the beer. This dish goes really well with a glass of cold soda or… Beer! Unbelievably good!

Beef Bulgogi Kimbap (298.00)

O' Rice - Korean - Forum - BGC

This pretty and colorful platter is as healthy as it is delicious. Similar to a Japanese maki but using less rice (perfect for people cutting down on carbs) and O’ Rice’s signature beef bulgogi. We were taught to pop an entire piece in your mouth in one go to fully enjoy all the flavors.

O' Rice - Korean - Forum - BGC

Oh boy! What a mouthful of nutritious goodness! It’s got all the needed healthy ingredients: carbs, protein, iron and fiber.

Sausage Bacon Fried Rice* (298.00)

O' Rice - Korean - Forum - BGC

Another hit during lunch! This flavorful dish boasts of bacon pieces generously mixed in the Kimchi rice and topped with a huge sausage. To temper the heat, it is drizzled with honey mustard and teriyaki sauce. The Sausage Bacon Fried Rice has a pleasant tang with the right amount of heat and sweetness.

Topoki** (Php248.00)

O' Rice - Korean - Forum - BGC

This dish completes my top 5 list. The color of the sweet and spicy sauce is already a giveaway on what kind of flavor to expect from the Topoki. Inside, the bowl has ramen, rice and fish cakes, while the shrimp tempura, crispy dumplings and rice roll are skewered to complete the look of this popular Korean street food. You may dip the fried food in the sweet and spicy sauce to add more flavor. Street food made fancy! My new favorite spicy comfort food to warm my soul on a cold (and maybe rainy) day!

**Really hot
The spice level can be adjusted depending on your liking.

To cap off your meal, choose from an assortment of fun and enjoyable ice cream.

O' Rice - Korean - Forum - BGC

I picked this Vanilla Goo Goo Ice Cream (Php70.00)

O' Rice - Korean - Forum - BGC

Eating this made me feel nostalgic. It reminded me of those delicious drumstick ice cream I used to enjoy when I was a kid. I made the right choice!

O’ Rice serves really good Korean food in generous proportions. I even saw Koreans eating and enjoying the food at O’ Rice… now, THAT is a very good sign!

Don’t be left out. Find out why O’ Rice is fast becoming a gastronomical hit in the BGC area.

Contact Details

1-5 Forum 7th Avenue cor., 25 St.
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
T: 866-0574
Instagram: oricefriedrice


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