IMPORTANT NOTICE to all my readers and followers

I am sharing an IMPORTANT NOTICE which I earlier posted on my Tummy Traveler Facebook Page. Please read the embedded post below.

Thank you, everyone.


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3 Replies to “IMPORTANT NOTICE to all my readers and followers”

  1. i was about to say!! mali ung nakabookmark sakin! arghhh no wonder i was wondering how come hindi regular ung blog updates :-/ changing the link now to this one..the REAL Tummy Traveler.

    1. Thanks so much Fran! Looks like naubos na ang possible blog names sa mundo no?!

      1. exactly!! also one there was the same old blog that plagiarised your content and mine and very creatively mixed them together :-/ haha finally i’ve added the right url to my blog links na 🙂

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