Kichitora of Tokyo is now open at BHS Central Square

Kichitora of Tokyo

Rejoice ramen lovers! Kichitora of Tokyo is now open to serve you at the Bonifacio High Street Central Square in BGC!

Kichitora of Tokyo - BHS - Central Square

It still has that signature look of dark-colored chairs and tables. Though some walls are still bare when we were there during their grand opening, it will also be adorned with colorful kimonos just like in their other branches.

Kichitora of Tokyo - BHS - Central Square

The kitchen can be seen from where we were seated. You can watch the chefs and the kitchen staff work their way around the kitchen and how they handle each order.

Kichitora of Tokyo - BHS - Central Square

Kichitora brings together the winning recipes of three successful ramen chains in Tokyo: Kookai, Daijin and Kohmen. And I believe this is the only ramen place that serves Torigara or chicken broth. The white chicken that has been cooked for 18-24 hours results in a deliciously creamy broth.

Great dishes at Kichitora of Tokyo

Not a first time at Kichitora but first time to try their bestseller – Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se (Php420.00).

Kichitora of Tokyo - BHS - Central Square

I am no ramen expert but it looks like this variant will give other ramen houses a run for their money! The milky soup or Kichitora’s signature broth, silky thin al dente noodles and fork tender smoky pork chashu is what makes this variant a hit! You also have the option to order chicken chasu instead. It is also packed with menma (bamboo shoots), ajitsuke tamago (molten lava egg), nori (dried seaweed) and ma-yu (fried garlic oil). Wow! It seems very likely that I will be ordering this again on my next visit!

Jajamen (Php360.00)

Kichitora of Tokyo - BHS - Central Square

The popular Chinese noodle dish has been given a Kichitora touch. Tsukemen noodles topped with sweet minced pork sauce, onsen tamago and spring onions is new to me. Though I was only able to try a little serving, I really enjoyed the Jajamen. It has a nice sweet flavor (that gets a tad cloying after a few mouthfuls) but the onsen tamago balances it out and gives the dish a nice textural contrast.

Tan Tan Mien (Php395.00)

Kichitora of Tokyo - BHS - Central Square

You want your ramen spicy? Then, this one is for you! This variant still uses the same signature paitan broth with sesame seed for that nutty flavor. It has minced pork, greens and garlic oil to add more flavor to the entire dish.

Kichitora also serves really good Chicken Karaage (Single: Php150.00 / Family: Php 250.00).

Kichitora of Tokyo - BHS - Central Square

Fried to perfection resulting in really crunchy skin yet retaining its juiciness. I love the nice crunch and being able to hear the crackle of my food. Squeeze the lemon for a zesty finish. It’s boneless, delicious and addicting… in fact, one order is not enough.

Apart from Kichitora’s ramen, they also have other items that are as good as their bowl offerings. So, while waiting for your favorite ramen, order a serving of Gyoza (5 pcs. at Php150.00)

Kichitora of Tokyo - BHS - Central Square

Honestly, all Gyozas taste the same using almost the same ingredients. It only varies sometimes depending on the sauce used and how they are cooked. But what makes Kichitora’s version different from others is how crispy one side of their Gyoza is, yet keeping the other side pleasantly soft and moist. I couldn’t stop eating this tasty Kichitora staple!

To cap off a savory meal, how about some Coconut Tofu with Matcha Azuki (Php150.00)?

Kichitora of Tokyo - BHS - Central Square

If you are a taho (soya) fan like me, you will truly enjoy eating this. It’s got taho’s silky texture with a coconut flavor, topped with azuki beans and dusted with matcha powder. Perfect!

No doubt, Kichitora of Tokyo has made their name synonymous to delicious, top-quality Japan soul food.

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Contact Details

3/F Bonifacio High Street Central Square
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig – Philippines
E: [email protected]
Twitter and Instagram: @kichitoraph


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