Revisiting Bohol: My BOHOL “Must Visit” places (Part 2)!

Revisiting Bohol

Why do I keep coming back to Bohol? Because Bohol has it all! Not only do they take pride in their powdery white sand and turquoise blue waters, but also in the numerous activities that one can experience in this incredible province. The possibilities in Bohol are endless.

I may have been to Bohol several times already but there’s still so much to see and do in this wonderful place. And during my recent trip with AirAsia for the #VisitBohol2015 campaign, I was able to see some of these breathtaking and amazing places that I wasn’t able to see during my visit last August 2014. You may check-out Part 1 of my Bohol Trip here.

Revisiting Bohol

Let me show you the other places in Bohol that you shouldn’t miss.


We weren’t able to experience this the last time I was in Bohol with my family. So, here I am with my husband and the AirAsia group.

The entire Busai Monark was reserved for our lunch while traversing the Loboc River through palm-fringed banks.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

Lunch Buffet

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

While having lunch, a very entertaining solo performer serenaded us the whole time.

We even stopped to watch the cultural group towards the end most part of the cruise. Angeline of WheninManila and I got the chance to do the Tinikling.

It seems that my Tinikling skills are a bit rusty! It’s been ages since I last did this popular folk dance! But it feels good to be able to do it again.


If you need to buy souvenir items, several shops are open to serve you.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

You can have your photo taken here, too!

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places


Located in Tagbilaran City is the Blood Compact Shrine. Sculpted by no less than a Boholano National Artist, Napoleon Abueva.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

This depicts the Sandugo or blood compact between the Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and the chieftain of Bohol Datu Sikatuna on March 16, 1565. The Sandugo was meant to seal their friendship as part of the tribal tradition.


Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

This is the latest eco-tourism adventure park in Bohol that offers over 20 thrilling adventure activities for both kids and adults.

One of the challenges that my husband and I tried were the thrilling Treetop Challenges! When we went to Malaysia a few months back and tried the Canopy Walk, I thought that was already the most exhilirating challenge I could subject myself to! But, no! CHAP’s Treetop Challenges were not only tiring but will really push your physical skills to the limit!

Before starting the course, they will check your blood pressure and will ask you to remove all valuable items that you have on your body. Don’t worry! They have a locker for safekeeping.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

The Treetop Challenges showcase 7 tree top rope courses: Canopy Walk, Islands In The Sky, Rappel, Burma Rope, Earthquake, Vine Walk and Jacob’s Walk. I am proud to say that my husband and I finished the entire course in good time!

Canopy Walk

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

Island In The Sky

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

I was only able to take 2 pictures of the course since cameras were not allowed. They have a camera man, though, who will document your entire experience. You can just purchase your pictures after. But since I was not able to do so, I am just waiting for my copies to be e-mailed. And as soon as I get hold of it, I will upload them right away.
For kids aged 6-12 years, a Mini-Rope Course is also available.

Looking for something more exciting? No problem! Do THE RUSH! Bike across a zipline 550 meters long (round trip) and 150 meters high while enjoying the breathtaking view of the beautiful Chocolate Hills!

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

Photo courtesy of CHAP

We weren’t able to try this since we were exhausted already! At least when we go back to Bohol, there’s still something left for us to do.
The Rush “Bike Zip” is for ages 6 and up or at least 4 feet in height.

Apart from these breathtaking activities, CHAP has a mini butterfly area where you can enjoy and be one with nature.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

You can have your picture taken outside as a souvenir like this one, too.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

Camanayon, Brgy. Buenos Aires
Carmen, Bohol, Philippines
E: [email protected]
Park mobile: (+63) 932-6677098
Open Daily from 8:30AM – 5:30PM (including holidays)

Going around Bohol will make you quite hungry, so make sure you try their local delicacies. Don’t end up eating at some boring restaurant, please! I have 2 recommendations when you’re in Bohol.


When we met up with Anda Mayor Metodio Amper, they served us lunch by the Anda beach. Some dishes were familiar to me and some weren’t including this platter of Liswe.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit PlacesAt first glance, it wasn’t too appetizing at all. It merely looked like a snail. But when I tried it, I discovered that it had a similar taste to mussels. This dish actually grows on you as you continue to eat it. The next time I go back to Bohol, I’ll have this again!


Bohol Bee Farm is about nature and healthy living.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

Bohol Bee Farm has 28 native style guestrooms, indoor pool, spa and other facilities that can be enjoyed by both the young once and young ones alike.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

Bohol Bee Farm is ideal for relaxation after an action-packed day in the city. But if you’re not planning to stay here, try to stop by and look around. It’s well worth it.

Try not to leave Bohol Bee Farm without feasting on a buffet of organic delicacies served at the restaurant that overlooks the unobstructed view of the calm waters.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

Our table was beautifully set-up. It kind of gives of an old nostalgic vibe.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

We started our dinner with some fresh flower organic garden salad.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

For our mains we had Grilled Fish, Honey Glazed Chicken, Seafood Lasagna and Red Organic Rice.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

We even had a taste of their famous Squash Bread with honey, pesto and mango spread.

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

Even their homemade Malunggay and Mango ice cream are just insanely good!

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

Try the malunggay ice cream! It had bits of the leaves making it taste like green tea. Unusual but good.

Who said eating healthy isn’t fun? Bohol Bee Farm serves great dishes!

Dao, Dauis, Bohol Philippines
(+63-38) 510-1822


Since you are in Bohol, have the best “Blow Job” at J&R! It’s not what you think, silly!

Revisiting Bohol - Must Visit Places

This Blow Job which was personally concocted by the owner of the resort herself is made up of Kahlua, Bailey’s and Irish Cream. Perfect to cap off a tiring day with an amazing view of the beach!

J&R Residence
Brgy. Bacong Sitio,
Dagohoy Anda, Bohol 6311
T: (+63) 908 821 5481 Jilo (Bisaya, Tagalog, English)
T: (+63) 908 821 5480 Ralf (German, English)
E: [email protected]

I am also looking forward to the new Bohol National Museum which is located at the old capitol building. A heritage walk from the cathedral, to the plaza up to the house of the late President Carlos P. Garcia is being planned. Sounds exciting, right?

Quick Facts:
The Boholanos are naturally welcoming, friendly and generous.
Things to do: Diving, spelunking, upland, shopping, relaxation and all.
Bohol has something new to offer all the time.
The largest mangrove plantation in Asia is in Getafe, Bohol. It has Miracle Coves with crabs and other marine life.
Every town in Bohol has an attraction.
To promote ecotourism and protect the coastal resources.

Average Temperature is 27C
March to May – hot and dry
June to October – rainy
November to February – cool

Major FESTIVAL schedule that you should take note of to plan ahead of time:
When: Whole month of July
Highlight: Street Dancing
Where: Tagbilaran City

When: Second week of January
Where: Tagbilaran City

When: August 31 – September 6
Where: Loon

When: September 29
Where: Jagna

When: First Saturday of December
Where: Loay

Truly, Bohol has it all! I still want to go back to see its other beautiful spots and do more activities!

Going to Bohol anytime soon? AirAsia flies Manila to Tagbilaran and vice-versa daily. Check out AirAsia every so often to get the best deals! So, go ahead and book now… and be part of #VisitBohol2015!


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