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Teriyaki Boy

I remember when I was still working at Ascott Makati at Glorietta 4, me and my colleague would have lunch at Teriyaki Boy Glorietta 3 once in awhile when we don’t feel like eating in our cafeteria.

Walking to Teriyaki Boy would take a good few minutes from our hotel but it was always worth it. My usual Miso soup, Gyoza and Beef Yakiniku Don would always satisfy my craving for some Japanese food.

Just recently, when I was down with a terrible (and horrible) flu, I was delightfully surprised by the sweet folks of Teriyaki Boy when they delivered some of their bestsellers for me and my family to enjoy right in the comforts of my own home! Good thing, I was still able to taste the food inspite of being under the weather.

Teriyaki Boy

Delicious Teriyaki Boy best-sellers

I started with this Dragon Maki (Php399.00).

Teriyaki Boy

I’ve seen this served at Teriyaki Boy before. It does look like a dragon with the head of the shrimp in front and the tail on the other end. The breaded shrimp is covered with sushi rice, topped with grilled eel and sprinkled sesame seeds. As all maki dishes, this particular dish is filling because of the rice but oh so good.

Chikuwa Fish Tempura (Php219.00)

Teriyaki Boy

This deep fried fish cake wrapped in nori has a chewy consistency. The cream cheese at the center gives life to the somewhat flat taste of the chewy fish cake. But this Teriyaki Boy specialty grew on me as I continued eating it.

Tonkatsu (Php222.00)

Teriyaki Boy

I was just so glad that when this Teriyaki Boy dish was delivered, it retained its crunch. Deep fried fillet pork with cabbage salad on the side that comes with a delicious sesame dressing. This was truly comforting!

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju (Php214.00)

Teriyaki Boy

This is Teriyaki Boy’s signature dish! Grilled sweet chicken on top of steamed rice. It doesn’t get any better than this. Another comforting dish for sick ol’ me.

Yakimeshi (54.00)

Teriyaki Boy

Of course, a Japanese meal would not be complete without Yakimeshi! This fried rice with diced veggies and ground pork is a meal in itself already.

‘Twas one satisfying lunch! I could get used to this!

By the way, have you seen the newly renovated Teriyaki Boy at Glorietta 3? The new and improved interiors in brown and gray hues give a serious yet laid back vibe.

Teriyaki Boy

Teriyaki Boy

While the yellow and black colors of the logo outside the store is such a head turner!

Teriyaki Boy

If you can’t pay a visit to Teriyaki Boy Glorietta 3 or any branch for that matter, you can easily call their hotline at 588-2468 and have your favorite Japanese food delivered right at your doorstep!

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