Have a Merry Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento!

Remember my recent post on my Halloween Bento using Cheez Whiz? Well, I have a new bento creation that’s very apt for the season… my Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento!

Last Sunday, we drove to the south to attend a crafternoon session with The Bento Mommas and some mommy bloggers at The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market at Commerce Center.

Cheez Whiz Christmas BentoCheez Whiz Christmas Bento

Our bento session was sponsored by Cheez Whiz and other cool partners making it an afternoon that was all the more fun.

Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento

When we arrived, everything was arranged already including these tools to make our Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento look really awesome!

Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento

And since Bento Making is really meant for kids, I brought my daughter along to help me out. Being a “natural” and known by friends and family to be passionate when it comes to arts and crafts, I know my daughter will have a wonderful crafternoon with me!

Two out of the five Bento Mommas were present to guide us through our bento making activities. To be honest, it is just my 3rd time to actually make a bento and 2nd time to attend an actual bento making event.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer. So, who wants to build a Snowman? I do! Let’s bento away!

Let’s make a Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento!

The Bento Mommas created a Snowman and this is how it looked like. This was the design that we needed to re-create.

Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento

From The Bento Mommas work area.

And this was the version my daughter and I created!

Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento

We used Cheez Whiz Milky Delight to spread it on the Gardenia bread.

To hold the eyes, nose, lips and buttons, we used Cheez Whiz Milky Delight, too. For the Snowman’s hat and 3-D Christmas tree on the side, we cut-out a green apple and finished it off with fruits and Oreo cookies.

Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento

Tada! Our very own Snowman!

Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento

It’s actually really easy! But, of course, when you let your kids help out, make sure to keep them safe from sharp objects like scissors and knives. Even those little wooden toothpicks can give them a splinter!

For our next Cheez Whiz bento, we did Rudolph the cutie red-nosed reindeer!

We used a Glad Ziploc bag to shape the brown rice. This time we used pretzels for antlers and Gardenia bread for the mouth. I even used Cheez Whiz Milky Delight to spread in between the apple slices. We also added roasted chicken, fruits, brocolli and corn kernels to complete the Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento.

Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento

Our finished product!

Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento

This Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento is perfect for lunch. It’s healthy, colorful and visually appetizing!

Bento making is another form of a bonding moment with your child or even with friends. It also brings out the creativity in you.

Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento

Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento

It can also be a fun and great activity during birthday parties or even on slow weekends using just whatever is available in your pantry. But, remember… you also have to use healthy food products like Cheez Whiz because nothing beats enjoying healthy food especially if prepared with TLC! 🙂

Cheez Whiz Christmas Bento


1. Go for GO, GROW & GLOW FOOD.
2. Keep your bento tightly packed.
3. Expand your collection of bento tools slowly but surely.
4. Draw inspiration from other bentos – but do not let them limit your creativity.
5. Keep calm and bento on!

You can also check out http://www.CheeseAnything.com for additional recipes.


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