Osang’s Broas – One of Bohol’s best!

Osang's Broas

Don’t leave Bohol without buying Broas from Osang’s Homemade Pastries!

Osang's Broas Bohol

Osang’s Homemade Pastries is the home of the famous and delicious Broas in Bohol. This place operates pretty much like a simple home-based business and is located very near the Baclayon Church.

Osang’s Broas – Simple and Spectacular

Broas or Ladyfingers are made from eggs, flour and sugar. These simple ingredients are enough to create Osang’s delicious specialties. It is baked “pugon-style” using old fashioned charcoal. No high-tech machines are used which adds to Osang’s broas’ marketability.

Osang's Broas Bohol

According to one of the kind ladies working at Osang’s which I was able to have a very quick chat with, they strictly use their original recipe and technique. This method assures customers that their pastries will have the same taste and quality every single time. They only cook just the right amount of Broas each day, making sure the unsold Broas won’t go to waste. They only cook more than the usual amount when bulk orders have been made.

Osang's Broas Bohol

Once cooking is complete, Osang’s broas are packed in a brown bag priced at Php100.00/bag.

Osang's Broas Bohol

They have samplers available for tasting in case you are not familiar with how it tastes. With just one piece, it immediately won me over! Too bad, I only got 1 bag of Broas. Somebody hoarded them before me!

I hope that the next generation of the family that runs Osang’s Broas will continue the tradition of making these addicting treats.

Thank you, Melo, for taking us here!

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Contact Details

Poblacion, Baclayon, Bohol Philippines
T: (038) 5409072
C: 0920-3689970 / 0926-6937322


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