Auntie Anne’s Classic and New Offerings

Auntie Anne's - Pretzels

When was the last time you visited Auntie Anne’s? Did you know that Auntie Anne’s serves more than just pretzels now? They have raised the bar by coming up with new choices in bite sized portions and even combos to fit your budget, too! Awesomesauce, right?!

Auntie Anne's - Pretzels

These new and classic offerings are still handcrafted and baked fresh daily in front of you, using the same quality ingredients that we have always loved. Mmm-mmm!
Auntie Anne's - Pretzels

Check ’em out!

Auntie Anne’s classsic and new offferings!

Each nugget is rolled and cut by hand and baked to a golden brown.
Auntie Anne's - Pretzels

Almond (Php70.00)
Auntie Anne's - PretzelsYou got the classic pretzel taste cut in bite-sized bits.

Cinnamon Sugar (Php65.00)
Auntie Anne's - PretzelsSweet pretzel nuggets, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

Other flavors: Original (Php55.00) / Sour Cream and Onion (Php65.00)

The Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Stix are hand-rolled as well and baked everyday to ensure freshness.

Cream Cheese Stix (Php75.00)
Auntie Anne's - PretzelsThese stix are packed with salty and creamy cream cheese that goes so well with the chocolate dip!

Other flavors: Original, Cinnamon and Almond

These Savory Pretzels give a refreshingly different take on their classic pretzels.

Pepperoni Pretzel (Php75.00)
Auntie Anne's - PretzelsIt’s like eating a twisted pizza! My ultimate favorite

Pretzel Dog (Php95.00)
Auntie Anne's - Pretzels


Original Pretzel (Php50.00)
Auntie Anne's - PretzelsNothing beats the original taste! If you are an Auntie Anne’s newbie (really?!) or when you’re simply in doubt, best to order this and grab all the dips. You’ll never stop munching!

Specialty Pretzels (Php60.00)

Auntie Anne's - PretzelsIf you want something different from the usual pretzel flavor, try this. The sesame seeds add a delightfully nutty taste and crunch to Auntie Anne’s original pretzel.

Other flavors: Garlic, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Sugar and Sour Cream & Onion

Premium Pretzels (Php65.00)

Glazin’ Raisin

Auntie Anne's - PretzelsI find this variant a tad sweet to my liking but when dipped with cheddar cheese… Boom! Delish!

Cinnamon Raisin
Auntie Anne's - PretzelsI love cinnamon! This particular Auntie Anne’s pretzel is sweet, woody and bitter at the same time making it oh so addicting to eat.

Other flavor: Almond

Pretzel Dips (Php25.00 each)
Auntie Anne's - PretzelsCaramel, Cream Cheese, Chocolate and Cheddar Cheese


Original Pretzel + Iced Tea (16oz) = Php80.00
Specialty Pretzel + Iced Tea (16oz) = Php90.00
Premium Pretzel + Iced Tea (16oz) = Php95.00
Pretzel Dog + Iced Tea (16oz) = Php120.00
Almond Pretzel +Coffee (8oz) = Php115.00

Add: Php20.00 for a dip or Php25.00 to upgrade to Lemonade


3 pcs. Specialty Pretzels for only Php165.00 or 3 pcs. Premium Pretzels for only Php180.00!

Make sure you order Auntie Anne’s famous Old Fashioned Lemonade (Medium: Php60.00 / Large: Php70.00) which by the way is my favorite!

If you want to have a taste of some of Auntie Anne’s new offerings as well as their classic favorites, head on over to your nearest Auntie Anne’s branch and have at it! Don’t worry… they have 19 stores in the metro, so finding one near you won’t be a problem.

Auntie Anne’s pretzels are freshly baked all day long. Grab one now!

Twitter and Instagram: @AuntieAnnesPH


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