Globe’s Project 1 Phone – Be one with us.

Project 1 Phone

Project 1 Phone is here!

Project 1 Phone

This is G​lobe Te​lecom‘s biggest e-waste recovery and recycling program to date. Project 1 Phone aims to promote the proper disposal of mobile phones and other e-waste and to educate people about the potential harm that cell phones can do to the environment if not disposed of properly and the significant benefits to recycling an old mobile phone.

As a couple and heads of our family, we enforce proper waste disposal in the household and that includes our gadgets and obsolete phones. We usually drop them off in a nearby mall instead of just dumping it in our storage boxes and left to be forgotten. We also encourage our kids to do the same. We have to do our share in protecting the environment even in the simplest ways.

Project 1 Phone - Globe

These are just some of the old phones that we have accrued the past few years which will now go straight to Globe’s Project 1 Phone.

Project 1 Phone - Globe

For every phone (working or non-working) or device you donate, you help in building new schools for the children of Aklan in tandem with Habitat for Humanity Philippines which I am also an Online Champion of, together with my husband. You can also donate your old tablets, mp3 players and even chargers. Apart from helping the environment and fellow Filipinos, each donated device entitles you to one raffle entry. A monthly raffle draw will be held and each lucky winner gets an iPad Air!

Join Project 1 Phone

1 Phone from every person becomes 1 good deed. This is a continuing effort of Globe in rebuilding the nation after Typhoon Yolanda and commitment to sustainability.

Watch this video to know more about #Project1Phone and how you can help the environment.

Let’s help in Creating A Wonderful World.

To know the participating Globe stores where you can donate your phones, click here.

Photography by Sandro Paredes and Make-Up by Xeng Zulueta.


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  1. Thanks for this. This advocacy targets so many things in just one project and you can win too! Super awesome. Thumbs up to Globe and its partners.

    1. True! I salute Globe, Habitat for Humanity Phils and everyone in this campaign for coming up with Project 1 Phone. Let’s help build schools! 🙂

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