Globe Charge and the 1st Ever GCash Bazaar!

Globe Charge

Globe Charge - GCash - Globe
Just over the weekend, GCash celebrated its 10th Anniversary by holding the 1st ever GCash Bazaar at the Eastwood Mall Open Park with over 50 merchants using the revolutionary and game-changing payment system known as Globe Charge.

Globe Charge - GCash - Globe

The different merchants from retail fashion, baby products, specialty market and even travel agencies gathered for a more convenient shopping experience using this incredibly awesome payment method.

Globe Charge - GCash - GlobeGlobe Charge - GCash - Globe

Globe Charge – A game changer!

Globe Charge is an innovative credit card payment solution which turns mobile phones into a point-of-sale (POS) card payment terminal to make your shopping experience hassle-free. It accepts all kinds of credit cards. Nice!

Globe Charge - GCash - Globe
And since I have my very own GCash Mastercard, I didn’t have to worry about not being able to purchase items. Well… As long it fits my budget, that is! 🙂

Even after the GCash Bazaar was over, I used my GCash Mastercard for my grocery trips. Yes, my GCash Mastercard works just like any kind of credit/debit card. You can even use it internationally!

Globe Charge - GCash - Globe

So, this Christmas season, best to avoid bringing cold cash during your holiday shopping sprees. With Globe Charge, you are guaranteed safe shopping and assured of a delightful swiping experience every single time.

Happy shopping, everyone!

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