Cheez Whiz Halloween Bento – Deliciously Spooky!

Cheez Whiz Halloween Bento

I am a hands-on mom. From taking care of my kids, to running the entire household, I make sure to be on top of things. I make sure that my kids are well taken care of. Although my kids are in their teen and tween stages respectively already, it doesn’t stop me from looking after their welfare. Including (and especially) what they eat everyday.

You see, kids tire of so many things easily. Take my children for instance… they don’t want to do the same routine or eat the same food every so often. So, “creativity” comes into play a whole lot.

I’ve decided to make a Cheez Whiz Halloween Bento out of stock ingredients which I readily have in my pantry. Food rich in vitamins and nutrients are absolutely essential. That’s why I’ve included coleslaw, sausage and eggs for protein, bread for energy, orange for much needed vitamin C, a small serving of black rice and spaghetti for carbs with Cheez Whiz (of course) for calcium for their bones and growing bodies.

Cheez Whiz Halloween Bento - Halloween Bento Box Making

A deliciously spooky Cheez Whiz Halloween Bento

By including Cheez Whiz on my Bento creation, it gave the entire concoction additional character and nutrition.

Cheez Whiz now has 30% more milk making it creamier and milkier! It is pleasantly easier to spread, it’s a healthier option and delightfully fun to eat!

Cheez Whiz Halloween Bento - Halloween Bento Box Making

Putting all my ingredients together… alas! I have come up with my Cheez Whiz Halloween Bento!

Cheez Whiz Halloween Bento - Halloween Bento Box Making

Making Bento merienda for the kids is really fun! I did it with the help of my 12 year old daughter. It was a perfect afternoon bonding activity, actually!

Bento making isn’t just for kids to have a fun time eating. Bento creation also teaches li’l ones how to eat in small portions and to help them appreciate different kinds of food prepared in a cute and visually appetizing ways.

Are you running out of “baon” or “merienda” ideas for your children? Don’t fret! I’ll be coming up soon with a few more Bento creations. You can also check out for additional recipes.


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