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Osaka Ohsho Gyoza

Osaka Ohsho Gyoza - SM Mega Fashion Hall - SM Megamall
Osaka Ohsho or better known as the “King Of Gyoza in Osaka” was established in 1969 and has been serving handmade gyozas since then. Osaka Ohsho is renowned as Japan’s #1 gyoza specialist. Currently, Osaka Ohsho has over 360 stores in Japan and several branches in Asia.

In Manila, Osaka Ohsho can be found at the 3rd Level of the SM Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall and soon opening another branch at the Mall of Asia this December 2014.

All Osaka Ohsho gyoza selections are hand-wrapped by chefs who have undergone training under their Japanese master chefs. Each gyoza has a golden brown crisp on one side with a deliciously moist filling inside and are always uniform in shape and size. Osaka Ohsho’s gyozas are best eaten with either the original sauce, miso sauce or chili oil sauce. My personal preference is combining both the miso and chili oil sauces.

Just recently, Osaka Ohsho’s newest gyoza flavors were launched! The NEW Bacon & Cheese savory gyoza and their Peanut Butter & Banana dessert gyoza!
Osaka Ohsho Gyoza - SM Mega Fashion Hall - SM Megamall

These new flavors have seemingly weird combinations, if you ask me, as I am used to eating the plain traditional gyozas. But these flavors were wonderfully conceptualized and something that I hope will be part of Osaka Ohsho’s menu. If you haven’t tried Osaka Ohsho’s new gyoza flavors yet, read on to know more about them.

Osaka Ohsho gyoza selections and more

Bacon & Cheese Gyoza (6 pcs: Php190.00 / 12 pcs: Php380.00)
Osaka Ohsho Gyoza - SM Mega Fashion Hall - SM MegamallThis Osaka Ohsho gyoza contains honeycured crunchy bacon and cheese mixed with Osaka Ohsho’s lean ground meat, shredded cabbage, garlic and ginger encased in a thin yet firm (and perfectly grilled) Japanese flour wrap. The combination of savory flavors easily made this simple gyoza elevate!

Peanut Butter & Banana Gyoza (Php210.00)
Osaka Ohsho Gyoza - SM Mega Fashion Hall - SM MegamallYou can liken this dessert gyoza to crepes but given a Japanese twist. This Osaka Ohsho gyoza uses Jif Crunchy Peanut Butter. The chunky nuts from Jif partnered with caramelized bananas are just amazing! The soft and crispy Japanese flour wrap that pleasantly envelopes the dessert neutralizes the sweetness, while the vanilla ice cream gives it a smooth and cold contrast. Such sweet indulgence!Osaka Ohsho Gyoza - SM Mega Fashion Hall - SM Megamall

Nori Gyoza (6 pcs: Php190.00 / 12 pcs: Php380.00)
Osaka Ohsho Gyoza - SM Mega Fashion Hall - SM MegamallI also tried this variant and ended up liking it more! As with all Osaka Ohsho gyozas, this particular dish is cooked with the right doneness. The Japanese flour wrap was beautifully grilled. The nori enhanced the already tasty gyoza, giving it an extra delightful and interesting flavor. It’s a welcome break from your usual gyoza. Take one bite and you’ll agree with me. I don’t know about you but I believe I have just eaten the best gyoza ever! No hard-selling here, people!

Osaka Ohsho doesn’t only serve gyoza. They have Fuwatoro Tenshin Han offerings and other delectable dishes, too.

Osaka Ohsho Salad (Php195.09/half / Php330.00)
Osaka Ohsho Gyoza - SM Mega Fashion Hall - SM Megamall
Start with this bowl of fresh greens of lola rosa and romaine, grilled kani, cherry tomatoes and candied walnuts in honey citrus miso dressing.

Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Mabo Tofu (Php380.00)
Osaka Ohsho Gyoza - SM Mega Fashion Hall - SM MegamallLove tofu? Well then, you just have to try this! Look at the lovely silken Japanese tofu that surrounds the fluffy omelette making it look like mashed potatoes! Underneath that savory dome is steamed Japanese Koshihikari rice immersed in sweet and spicy Mabo Tofu sauce. This dish has a nice subtle kick that makes it more enjoyable to eat.
Fuwatoro set meals good for 2 persons are also available which includes gyoza, miso soup and fruit plates.

Black Vinegar Chicken (Php325.00)
Osaka Ohsho Gyoza - SM Mega Fashion Hall - SM MegamallBlack vinegar is an acquired taste because of its tangy flavor and pungent-like smell (though aromatic to some). But when cooked and mixed with different ingredients, it becomes interesting to the palate. The black vinegar gives new life to this simple chicken karaage dish. It can also be compared to a sweet and sour dish (sans the red sauce) but better. One of the tastiest dishes that I have tried at Osaka Ohsho.

Osaka Ohsho has a casual vibe making dining more comfortable. They also have attentive servers even when you come in during peak hours. I’ve been to Osaka Ohsho on several occasions already since my first visit and I’m happy to say that I still get the same quality of food and service every single time. Wonderful!
Osaka Ohsho Gyoza - SM Mega Fashion Hall - SM Megamall

So, pay Osaka Ohsho a visit and taste it to believe it!

Hurry! These new flavors are available for a limited time only!

Contact Details

3rd Level of the SM Mega Fashion Mall,
SM Megamall Bldg. D
T: 631-7074
C: (0917) 828-5011
Instagram: osakaohshoph


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