An incredible Brotzeit Oktoberfest! Prost!

For beer drinkers or just drinkers in general, October is the much awaited month of the year because of the incredibly fun and beer-filled celebration that is “Oktoberfest. It’s all about booze, being merry and of course getting wasted beyond recognition with the company of good friends. Since it’s only celebrated once a year, might as well go all out!

Oktoberfest is celebrated worldwide and here in the Philippines, it has become quite a big thing as well. As a matter of fact, a good number of hotels and restaurants are now having their own Oktoberfest events.

Brotzeit at Shangri-La Plaza is one of them.
Brotzeit Oktoberfest - 2014 - Shangri-La Plaza

Curious to know how fun and filling Brotzeit Oktoberfest is?

Enjoy a Brotzeit Oktoberfest

Last September 27 kicked-off the Brotzeit Oktoberfest festival. If you still want to experience Oktoberfest the Brotzeit way, head to Brotzeit every Saturday for the whole month of October from 9PM onwards.

There are beer games like the Beer Guzzler Challenge or The Server. Or you can simply sit back and have some of their refreshing Oktoberfest Beer.

For every accumulated receipt worth 8K, you get a FREE Oktoberfest T-Shirt and a 1-Liter Mug. This promo runs while supplies last. So, hurry!

But what can one really expect on a Brotzeit Oktoberfest? Read on to find out.


Brotzeit serves authentic Bavarian cuisine and we started off with Käsespätzle or Cheese Spätzle
Brotzeit Oktoberfest - 2014 - Shangri-La PlazaThis delicious Bavarian homemade Spätzle with assorted melted cheeses and crisp onion rings are just so addicting. It’s chewy, salty and cheesy! Give me bread and I will make a sandwich out of it! Good stuff!

Oktoberfest Platter (Php3,600 good for 6-8 persons)
Brotzeit Oktoberfest - 2014 - Shangri-La PlazaA party sized platter of crispy pork knuckle (Schweinshaxn), smoked German garlic sausages (Knoblauchwurst), beer-infused and slightly zingy honey bavarian pork ribs (Ripperl), cured and smoked bacon (Speck) breaded chicken and fish fillets. This platter is your beer’s perfect partner! And I’ve also heard that this is a Brotzeit Oktoberfest bestseller!

I personally enjoyed the crispy pork knuckle. It’s got fats that are beautifully rendered with crispy skin!
Brotzeit Oktoberfest - 2014 - Shangri-La Plaza

The honey Bavarian pork ribs went well with my Preiselbier. The slight heat of the pork ribs complimented my drink!
Brotzeit Oktoberfest - 2014 - Shangri-La Plaza


To chug all the goodness down, I had Preiselbier (0.3 liter Php175.00 / 0.5 liter Php265.00)
Brotzeit Oktoberfest - 2014 - Shangri-La PlazaThis amber colored beer has a smooth malty flavor while the cranberry juice gave it its nice sweet and tarty notes. I actually enjoyed drinking this so much during the Brotzeit Oktoberfest launch that I decided to have 2 glasses of it.

You can also try Affensaft (0.3 liter Php175.00 / 0.5 liter Php265.00)
Brotzeit Oktoberfest - 2014 - Shangri-La PlazaWeissbier with banana syrup or mango juice.

And before leaving Brotzeit, Jagermeister shots were passed around.
Brotzeit Oktoberfest - 2014 - Shangri-La Plaza

Oh! They also have Paulaner on tap and an extensive selection of amazing beers.


Brotzeit’s Chef Ian served us some German classic desserts. Imagine a cheesecake cookie shot topped with ice cream? Yup!
Brotzeit Oktoberfest - 2014 - Shangri-La Plaza

In 2 kinds of crusts: lemon crust and chocolate chip topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, blueberry and raspberry. A sweet ending to cap off the festive night!
Brotzeit Oktoberfest - 2014 - Shangri-La PlazaBrotzeit Oktoberfest - 2014 - Shangri-La Plaza

So this Saturday, enjoy a Brotzeit Oktoberfest with friends and have a few awesome rounds of Brotzeit’s incredible beer.

Just a friendly reminder, though… if you must drink… DON’T DRIVE!

Drink responsibly. 😉


Contact Details

Unit 112 EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City
T: 631-1489
E: [email protected]
Twitter and Instagram: @BrotzeitPH


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