Tipple and Slaw at BGC: Sandwiches and more!

Tipple and Slaw

When I first heard of the name Tipple and Slaw, I told myself, looks like I need to ready myself to get tipsy! Little did I know that the actual meaning of Tipple is to get intoxicated! And of course, Slaw – an ingredient used in sandwiches. Pretty clever, right?
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - Forum

But Tipple and Slaw does not only serve liquor and sandwiches. They also have a good selection of mouthwatering appetizers and mains.

Allow me to dissect Tipple and Slaw’s menu for you.

A lot to love at Tipple and Slaw


Spam Bombs (Php200.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumHow can one resist Spam? This platter with fried balls has chopped spam mixed with mashed potatoes in it. The salty spam incorporated well with the potatoes’ flat flavor. The Japanese mayo that came with it is the perfect sauce. But if you want a little bit more zing, mix it with the Tabasco Ketchup.

Chicken Nuggets (Php250.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumA Tipple and Slaw crowd favorite! Chunky and really flavorful chicken breast coated with batter and deep fried. This is the real thing! No extenders! Served with BBQ sauce + honey mustard. Can be a tasty side dish or a very filling main course.


Breakfast Fries (Php250.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumThis can be your go-to Tipple and Slaw power breakfast! It’s got French fries, chopped bacon, fried egg, sharp cheddar and hollandaise. That’s carb, protein and calcium all in one fine plate!

Pastrami Fries (Php280.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumIf you want something different, try the Pastrami fries. It’s Tipple and Slaw’s version of Poutine. French fries, grated parmesan, topped with a good amount of diced pastrami ends and beef gravy.

Corn Fries (Php200.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumA different take on fries because it has mashed corn that’s actually in the mixture. I just find it a tad on the heavy side. Good thing Tipple and Slaw only serves it in small portions. It comes with bbq mayo, wasabi mayo and spiced brown honey mustard to add extra flavor.


Spicy Seafood Pasta (Php380.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumThis is my fave pasta at Tipple and Slaw. The grilled shrimps, fresh salmon, fresh crab, crab fat and caviar gives this dish a wonderful combination of flavors. And when you bite into the caviar, it releases a pleasant briny flavor that makes this pasta all the more fun to eat. The alfalfa sprouts offer a nice crunch, too!

Spaghetti & Meat Bombs (Php330.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumBehemoth cheese-filled tasty meatballs, fresh tomato sauce and grated cheese with noodles cooked in the right doneness.


Truffle Fried Chicken (Php350.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumTipple and Slaw’s perfectly seasoned boneless fried chicken filets. Crisp on the outside yet very moist inside! The white truffle gravy is crazy good! Another crowd fave!


Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Php300.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumThe grilled cheese sandwich at Tipple and Slaw is made of 4 kinds of cheese and truffle making it even more interesting and delicious to eat. Dip the sandwich in honey everytime you take a bite to add a delightfully contrasting flavor. Don’t forget the tomato soup for a tinge of acidity.

Porchetta Sandwich (Php350.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumI don’t know how one can say no to Tipple and Slaw’s porchetta. It’s savory, it’s fatty and stuffed with flavorful components like pickled red onions & balsamic syrup for some tanginess and arugula that adds an ever so slightly bitter taste.

Pastrami Sandwich (Php350.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumThis 10-hour smoked beef belly tastes fantastic! The wonderful flavor combinations of spicy mustard, creamy horseradish, pickles and slaw made it infinitely more enjoyable and exciting to eat. Great color, too. But maybe Tipple and Slaw can slice the pastrami a little more thinly so it’s easier to eat.


We ended our Tipple and Slaw food adventure with these 2 sinful (and good looking) desserts!

Smores Ice Cream Sandwich (Php180.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - Forum

Here is what’s inside.
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumRich creamy ice cream sandwich and chocolate made of graham crackers and biscuit spread. Chocolate lovers will adore this Tipple and Slaw delight!

Apple Pie French Toast Sandwich (Php180.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumGrilled apples, caramel sauce, streusel and dusted with cinnamon – Everything was put together perfectly by Tipple and Slaw. It was worth all the gained calories!

Tipple and Slaw - BGC - Forum

Refreshing and colorful iced teas.
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - Forum(L-R) Black Iced Tea (Php85.00), Fresh Lemonade (Php125.00), Orange Iced Tea (Php90.00) and Strawberry Lemonade (Php125.00)

Orange Iced Tea
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumA nice play on sweet and zesty. Just too sweet to my liking that I had to add a little bit of water to dilute it. Next time, I’ll inform the server of my preferred sweetness level.


Spicy Mojito (Php270.00)
Tipple and Slaw - BGC - ForumGin, lime juice, mint and fresh chili makes for a great sexy combination! The zing from this cocktail drink doubles the fun!

If you are ready to get “tippled”, head on over to Tipple and Slaw! From sweet to spicy and all the way to savory, they’ve got everything your tummy (and raging appetite) could ever ask for.

In the words of the great Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar… “Veni Vidi Vici!”

I came. I saw. I conquered.

And I was satisfied. *burp!* *hic!*

Contact Details

2/F Forum, 7th Avenue
cor Federacion Drive, BGC
T: 500-0882
C: 0917-6543318
Facebook: facebook.com/tippleandslawbgc
Twitter and Instagram: @tippleandslaw


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