Cafe Shibuya: A wonderland of Toasts and Frappes!

I have always been a bread and egg eater. The more fluffy the bread and the more runny the egg, the better. I can eat a runny sunny side-up egg with loaf or steaming hot rice anytime of the day. That being said, I am just so happy to discover that Cafe Shibuya can easily fulfill my bread and egg cravings anytime!
Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory Toasts

Cafe Shibuya serves incredible dessert & savory toasts, crepes & dessert crepes and amazing Ghirardelli drinks. Just heavenly!

What makes me all the more excited is that Cafe Shibuya has now moved much closer to my home because they just recently opened a branch at Glorietta 2, Makati.

Cafe Shibuya specialties

Let me show you my favorite Cafe Shibuya toasts. Note that these toasts are made of two and a half inch-tall baked bread…

Shibuya Benedict (Php255.00)
Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory ToastsMy husband and I both love Eggs Benedict but we didn’t want to order the same thing. So, I let him order it and I just took a few slices to taste this Cafe Shibuya specialty. It has Farmer’s ham with Cafe Shibuya’s very own Japanese mayo cream sauce and poached egg. The shitake mushrooms add great texture and flavor making it all the more delicious and addicting to eat!

Smoked Salmon Benedict (Php375.00)
Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory ToastsI never thought I’d enjoy eating this Cafe Shibuya offering in place of the Shibuya Benedict. But, boy, was I wrong! The smoked salmon was very fresh, the bitterness from the arugula went well with the Hollandaise sauce and the poached egg was just divine! Break the yolk and allow it to deliciously soak the base of the toast. The toast has a layer of butter making it crispy on the sides yet giving you that melt-in-your-mouth experience the moment you take a bite.

Three Cheese (Php195.00)
Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory ToastsA simple toast with 3 of my favorite cheeses: Cheddar, Mozzarella and Parmesan. Seeing double? It’s no mistake! One order of Cafe Shibuya’s Three Cheese is actually comprised of 2 toasts. Not only is it deliciously gooey and fun to eat but also gives you more bang for your buck!

Original Shibuya Honey Toast (Baby: Php145.00 / Regular: Php175.00)
Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory Toasts
Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory ToastsThis is Cafe Shibuya’s signature toast topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with honey syrup. This signature dessert toast is a perfectly sweet ending after enjoying all the savory dishes. If you feel like having this sweet indulgence all to yourself, I’d completely understand. The honey toast does that to me, too!

Strawberry Matcha (Baby: Php195.00 / Regular: Php245.00)
Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory ToastsHoney toast dusted with matcha green tea powder and cinnamon strawberries. Served with green tea ice cream. I loved how the green tea ice cream was creamy yet not too sweet. The entire combination of sweetness, bitterness and tanginess all work in perfect harmony with every delicious mouthful!

Additional of Regular Ice Cream: Php25.00 / Premium Green Tea Ice Cream: Php45.00

Since Cafe Shibuya takes pride in their Ghirardelli Frappes, we had to order 2 different drinks…

Triple Dark Chocolate Frappe (Php165.00) & Salted Caramel Mocha Frappe (Php165.00)

Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory Toasts
Triple Dark Chocolate Frappe (L) & Salted Caramel Mocha Frappe (R)

The Triple Dark Chocolate Frappe is rich and sinful while the Caramel Mocha Frappe showcases a nice play on sweetness and saltiness.

Cafe Shibuya’s amazing food is matched by the establishment’s wonderful ambiance which makes it a great place to hang out in after school or after a long day at the office.
Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory Toasts

The entire place exudes positivity and happiness with a friendly and accommodating staff. Most definitely my new fave in Glorietta!
Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory Toasts
Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory Toasts

If you haven’t tried Cafe Shibuya’s delectable offerings, you are absolutely missing out!
Cafe Shibuya - Ghirardelli - Savory Toasts

UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave. QC

3/F Glorietta 2, Makati City

Twitter and Instagram: @cafeshibuya


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