Come and Double Your Love at Pancake House

Double Your Love - Pancake House

Pancake House has stood the test of time, outlasting numerous restaurants over the years that have come and gone. They never fail to offer mouthwatering comfort dishes which most, if not all of us, have grown to love.

It is a place where customers come to celebrate special occasions, create wonderful memories and to even re-live some old ones by way of nostalgia.
Double Your Love - Pancake House - MYP Kitchen

This wonderful homey establishment is currently having an amazing Double Your Love promo.

This Pancake House promo includes 2 hefty orders of our classic favorites: “Spaghetti with meat sauce, Taco and Iced Tea” for ONLY Php350.00!!!
Double Your Love - Pancake House - MYP Kitchen

Double Your Love!

Pancake House’s Double Your Love (#DoubleYourLove) promo is an absolute steal!
Double Your Love - Pancake House - MYP Kitchen

Actually, just last week, my husband and I were able to visit Pancake House and try out the promo. And boy were we so happy that we did!
Double Your Love - Pancake House - MYP KitchenPancake House’s spaghetti never fails to put a smile on my face. It still has the same semi-sweet meaty sauce that I’ve always loved. They still serve the same delicious taco that my husband enjoys eating any time of the day. Good thing we can still enjoy the promo until Sept. 7!

Apart from it, Pancake House’s other classic favorites like this Bacon Waffle should never be ignored as well.
Double Your Love - Pancake House - MYP KitchenAhhhh! Such delicious indulgence!

Take advantage of Pancake House’s Double Your Love (#DoubleYourLove) promo in all their branches nationwide until Sept. 7! Make sure to bring someone with you… Because great food is meant to be shared!

Check out my easy #MYP recipe using My Pancake House Kitchen Beef Tapa.
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Delivery hotline: 588-2468


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