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Eri Curry

If you love to eat Japanese and curry, then, Eri Curry is undoubtedly the place for you!
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - Atrium

Eri Curry specializes in a variety of curry dishes uniquely inspired by the distinctly delicious Japanese curry but given a unique Filipino spin.

Each serving of an Eri Curry dish is flavored with different spices that will definitely excite one’s palate. As a matter of fact, every table has two (2) condiments that you can readily use:

Eshi Mono and Chili Powder
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - Atrium

But before you order, here is a video on how to customize your own Eri Curry plate. Just follow the 4 simple steps and you’re good to go!

All curry dishes are loaded with curry sauce and ooey-gooey mozzarella to make your dish much more fun to eat!

Some amazing dishes from Eri Curry

While waiting for your food, order the Crazy Maki (Php245.00)
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - AtriumIt’s your usual maki but with a generous amount of crispy kani on top of each piece. The slight sweetness of the kani adds an interesting flavor while the little crunch and toast gives the entire dish more character.

First up is my Fried Shrimp Curry (Php350.00) with Spinach, Corn and Bacon (Php80.00)
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - AtriumAnything with greens and corn is good. Anything with shrimp is even better. But anything with bacon is just heaven! The shrimp on this dish was beautifully cooked. Even if the breading was oh so crispy, it retained the softness of the shrimp. The combination of spinach, corn and bacon made my dish more flavorful. Don’t forget to add Eshi Mono (pickled relish). Its slight sweetness helps remove any cloying factor you might have after a few spoonfuls. Either you put it every time you eat or just simply mix it. The “just right” spice level was perfect. If you want more heat, just sprinkle some of the chili powder depending on your liking. I only opted to get the “small” serving of rice since I am not a heavy rice eater.

For the second dish, my husband ordered Beef Curry (Php299.00) with Karaage (Php110.00).
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - AtriumMy husband is quite the simpleton when it comes to food. But even if I find his dish simple, it was really tasty! The crispy Karaage, by the way, made his plate that much more interesting to eat. Only drawback is, he requested for the “spicy” level. At first it was good but halfway through his meal, it was getting really hot! When in doubt, stick to the “just right” level and sprinkle some chili powder to adjust the heat some more. He got the “regular” serving of rice.

We also tried Spinach with Bacon and Butter Curry (Php265.00) with Quail Eggs (Php65.00)
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - Atrium

If you want to try out other Eri Curry variations or if you’re having a hard time choosing which one to get, you can check-out the combos below to help make up your mind.

Thin Sliced Beef Curry (Php290.00) with Mushroom (Php90.00)
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - Atrium

Katsu Omelette Curry (Php350.00) with Burger (Php130.00)
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - Atrium

Beef Omelette Curry (Php325.00)
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - Atrium
If you have a big appetite, I suggest you go for this. Either way, this one is good for sharing. Look at how plump the omelette is. It’s actually filled with steamed rice!
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - Atrium

Make sure to eat your orders right away to fully enjoy the meal. The curry sauce with the gooey cheese are best eaten hot.
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - Atrium

For our dessert we tried the Lychee Kakigori (Php190.00) and Rainbow Kakigori in strawberry, blueberry and green apple (Php190.00)
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - Atrium
Eri Curry - SM Megamall - AtriumThe ice has been shaved so fine that the flavors seep into it. Make sure to finish it and dig into the bottom. Such a sweet indulgence!

After a couple of days, I went back to Eri Curry again but this time with my family. My kids and my father-in-law loved it! For someone like me who isn’t much of a curry-eater and only cooks chicken or beef curry (very rarely, too), I can just head over to Eri Curry to enjoy a satisfying curry craving. Good thing SM Megamall is just 15-minutes away from our house.

Japanese curry actually originated from India, but it was the British who introduced it to Japan in the late 19th century, during Britain’s colonization of India. The Japanese reinvented the curry sauce to suit their taste, adding fruits to their stock to have a sweeter and milder flavor.

Today, it is one of the most commonly served dish in every Japanese household and might as well be considered as one of the country’s national dishes.

Contact Details

3rd Floor, SM Megamall Atrium
Mandaluyong City
C: 0917-8212305
Twitter and Instagram: @Eri_Curry


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