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Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Resorts World Manila is the first one-stop, non-stop entertainment and tourism destination in our country today that features recreational thrills, amazing performances, big events and spectacular lifestyle and leisure options.

Resorts World Manila also houses over 50 international food and dining outlets from fine dining to casual quick service restaurants including Franks and Victoria Harbour Cafe.

A visit to Franks!

Last December 18, 2013, Franks opened at RWM to serve hot dog sandwiches like Classic Franks (Php128.00) and Braised Beef (Php148.00). These hot dogs are custom made and exclusive only to RWM. Since Filipinos have already become fans of hot dogs because of how fast it is to prepare them and how easy it is to eat, Franks created two (2) amusing, yet very amazing hot dog sandwich variations that best captures the Pinoy taste – Chicken Pork Adobo and Chicken Inasal.
Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Chicken Pork Adobo (Php148.00)
Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWMHot dog infused with Adobo sauce, relish and topped with crispy fried garlic. I was in awe as to how the already delicious Adobo flavor came to life all the more in the form of a hot dog! It was so addicting that I think I had 2 sandwiches in one sitting aided by a dark Paulaner to wash it all down. Yum.
Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Chicken Inasal (Php148.00)
Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWMTopped beautifully with catsup, mayo and mustard art. You can also add wasabi mayo which, in my opinion, really goes well with the Inasal’s smokiness which makes for a very interesting flavor. This variant is best paired with a light Paulaner.

If there was garlic rice infront of me, I would gladly eat my hot dogs with it in a jiffy! It was definitely bad for my diet but what the hell! Franks hot dogs are steamed and not fried nor grilled, making it healthier to eat. Wiping your mouth won’t be a problem because it isn’t the least bit greasy and their hot dogs are strictly shelved for only 2 weeks. That means you get fresh, juicy, soft and tasty hot dogs every time.
Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Franks can also customize your hot dog sandwich. You can create your own toppings with a mix of Mexican cheese sauce or guacamole and whatnot.
Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWM

As a matter of fact, Chef Ben who is the head chef of the establishment created Chuckie’s very own customized hot dog sandwich as per my husband’s preference. Here is Chef Ben assembling Chuckie’s very own hot dog sandwich.
Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Using Chicken Pork Adobo (yup! A crowd favorite!), sliced red (salted) egg and tomatoes on a soft bun, it was aptly named the Chuckie Dog. Cool!
Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWM

If you want some kick on your “dawgs”, simply grab any of the bottles on the wall near the counter which boasts of a variety of hot sauce brands and mixtures. Bring it to your table, pour some over and enjoy!
Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Franks has that casual, laid-back vibe in dimly lit earthy hues making the entire place absolutely relaxing. It’s a great spot to unwind after a few rounds in the casino.
Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWMFranks - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Food can also be brought out to the gaming area if you are still playing.

You may also try some of Franks’ other offerings like the Franks Classic Nachos
Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWMNachos, chili con carne, cheese sauce, jalapeƱo and sour cream.

Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWMDouble fried to get that perfect crunch! It took us some time before we were able to eat the fries but it pleasantly did not get soggy at all!

You can also choose from these Combos.Franks - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Franks was where we enjoyed our pre-lunch festivities. Right! Pre-lunch! So much food on our table and that was actually only pre-lunch. Hahaha! Our actual lunch was booked at Victoria Harbour Cafe just next door. Whoa!

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Be advised though that individuals below 21 years old are not allowed to enter the casino area even if accompanied by a guardian. However, Franks can deliver outside the casino area.

Visit or call the Tourist/Visitor Hotline at (632) 908-8833 for more information on Franks.



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